Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Wow, I remembered my password.

Don't ask me why I ventured on here.  I hadn't been here in years and the last time I posted I noticed I ended with "I'll post again when I can think straight" or something like that.  Yea, almost 6 years later sounds about right.  Still not sure if I'm thinking straight.

Not that you asked, but if you are curious to sum up the last almost 6 years or so, Brayton is now 5 and Rachel is 7.  I went back to work in my old career as a biotechnology sales person.  We moved about 3 years ago when my husband was appointed to a small church in a small town in East Texas, where everyone knows everyone.  I worked at the biotech job for 5 years and last August quit to became a high school teacher.  The traveling was fun, but I had 8 states to manage.  The day I wasn't there when my son lost his first tooth was all I could handle.  I know, it was so small yet that one little thing was the straw that broke the camel's back, so they say.  I was looking into a masters program to teach Jr. College (maybe?) when a superintendent at a local school approached me.  They are very small and were desperate for a science teacher.   So, I agreed.  

Last January my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. He is a great preacher and very enthusiastic about missions and ministry.  Rachel is a beautiful, red-headed, freckle-faced,  prim and proper little girl.  Makes straight A's in 2nd grade and does everything perfect.  Is definitely a pleaser. Brayton is all boy, loves to play sports,cuddle with his mom, reads, and is too smart for his own good.  He does well, but doesn't like kindergarten because it is "too much work".

If you are wondering if I like teaching, I do.  It is definitely different.  It's also the most frustrating profession out there, I am convinced.  I would say a large majority of the time I care more about the student's futures than they do about themselves.  Money motivates the curriculum and parents are absent more than present.  Or they're just tired.  "What do we need to do to get by" is a common theme and attitude.  But, with all that, I still like it.  The ounce of connection with one kid keeps you going.

I hope to pop in more often.  Off to visit my old friends, or the ones that are left, to say "hi".


Jim said...

Hi Carol ~~ It is nice to hear from you again. The last any of us blogging only friends was that you were babies. Haha

Good deal on your husband's small town East Texas church. East Texas is very pretty. I grew up on a farm outside a small town where everyone knew everyone else.

We haven't moved, same old place north of Houston. We do have a new grandchild but she is already three and a half. Our daughter, Karen, her hub and step-daughter, and our little KP have moved to London with Karen's job. They have been there three years and expect to stay at least two more.

Oh yes, the granddaughter (and her 15-year-old sister also) is like yours, terribly smart. She is studying French, takes swimming, dance, and art in school (pre-school).

I am glad you like teaching H.S.

Weary Hag said...

Carol - I realize now how late this comment comes to you but had to leave my stamp. It sounds as though you're really doing well and enjoying (?) the changes in job/location. I was SO very happy to hear from you in my comments (long ago) but couldn't recall how to do ANYthing on here so just shrugged my shoulders and stayed sad at the thoughts that I'd lost so many lovely friends I once had on here. I'm a facebook hound, I fear. It was a fine way to contact older and real-life friends and to stay in touch with family who refused to view anything called blogspot. :( But now I see that dedication doesn't have to lean only to one side. I can jump around at will and try hard to regain some writing respect in the world. :) Thank you again for remembering me... if you ever get this. Carol x