Friday, November 04, 2005

Writer's Block

Everyone has to write about writers block at least one, right? OK, here is mine.

As you can tell the posts have been coming fewer and further in between. I guess I have been applying my grandmother's old saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" to my blog. Except that I can think of nice things to say. It's more like "If you can't write anything good, then don't write anything at all". To all of you that actually write something once a day, and something GOOD once a day how do you do it??

Since my mind seems to have turned to mush since I got pregnant and had a child (I'll at least blame it on that to make myself feel better) there's nothing in there except 'how many poops has she had today' and 'what time was she fed last?'

I used to read. I haven't cracked open a book since she was born three months ago. I had started Leo Tolstoy's book "Anna Karenina" before Rachel was born, and now I opened it and tried to start it again. It was like I forgot how to read. I couldn't keep up with who was who and where was where. I better stick to "Clifford the Big Red Dog Counts to Three" and "I Can Help Mommy" by the Muppet Babies. Sigh.

I just realized I have hit my first anniversary of blogging. Yes, one year ago I started this thing. I went back thinking I might get inspiration from one of my earlier posts. I realized they sucked, too. Maybe it isn't writer's block. Maybe I'm just realizing I suck.

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