Monday, December 05, 2005


I didn't mean to worry anyone. I haven't blogged in a month! That was rude and I'm sorry. I think I've been dealing a little with post-partem depression. I haven't had motivation to do much at all. I need to get out and find activities. I've never been one to sit idle and not do much. In fact, my usual is to get too much on my plate, say "yes" to everyone and everything (sorry guys, not to THAT), but since Rachel has been born I have pretty much been a hermit. I worry that I'm not doing this or that enough for Rachel, or too much of this or the other thing. I obsess about it. So much so that I obsess that I'm not enjoying her, either. It's constant worry and obsess and get depressed. And then get depressed because I want to get involved in stuff, but yet I feel like I am stuck at home because she is on a 3 hour feeding schedule. And, as much as others are willing, I am just not one to whip out a boob anywhere at any time. Also, the kid won't sleep unless she is on top of me, which is a wee bit inconvenient.

Anyway, enough whining. That's where I've been and I realize it was rude just to disappear. I promise to do better.

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