Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just when you think the wart is gone

It's back.

I know, I fell off the face of the earth. I got overwhelmed. A little depressed, even, and blogging became a source of stress. I had nothing interesting to say (OK, I still don't). I can't really explain it. I really didn't think anyone would notice. But they did. And I am touched. But, now I'm back. A year and a half later. What can I say, nothing is on TV.

What have I been doing? Well, I'm pregnant again. So you can use your imagination there. Due August 25th. It's a boy! Rachel won't know what hit her. We're really excited, and this is the last one. A girl and a boy, the complete set, we're done. At least if we have our say. Everytime I say that, though, I think of my friend Angela Marie and am worried I jinx myself. Not that she isn't soooo completely blessed. But you know what I mean.

Other than that, It's the same 'ol, same 'ol here. I will post something more interesting later, when I have time. OK, no promises on the interesting part.


MilkMaid said...


Anonymous said...

Woot! Glad you're back!!


Adrienne said...

I like the pink Carol! Don't worry..I won't expect you to entertain me daily with blogging.

I've thought about blogging again too...then when I'm thinking about it, I get curiously tired and then I think: NO

Jim said...

Hi Carol! Are you sure you aren't an imposter or a highjacker, you've been gone a long, long, time.
You were missed too, I hope everything is going good for you. That is God's promise for those ...

Congratulations on the new family addition to be. Boys, yours, but there will be lots of buddies hanging around, will give preacher man workouts now!

Your neighbor, Jim

Chickity China said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging!

Weary Hag said...

Holy mackeral! I had no idea you came back and now you're gone again. :(