Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Prayers please

I was just told I'm going to be undergoing an emergency induction, which may turn out to be a c-section, tomorrow. The amniotic fluid was at 6.5, which doesn't tell me much except that it is too low, but numbers might tell one or two of you something.

Anyway, I'm getting admitted to the hospital tonight. They need to soften my cervix because I haven't even started dialating yet.

Nor have I packed bags, or gotten the car seat, or washed her clothes. Thank God my mother-in-law and mother will be here. Although they don't like eachother, but I'll let them duke it out over who gets to do what. Hopefully they'll play nice this once.

Anyway, I'm a little worried about the baby. She is FINE as of now, but I've been told it's touch and go until they get her out of me, and the mere act of inducing when she's not ready could cause complications. The doc said be prepared just in case a c-secion is necessary.

So, pray for Rachel if you do that sort of thing. Or think good thoughts or send good energy. I'll take it all.


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