Monday, January 16, 2006

Is this 200 things, or 100 take two?

Since my husband informed me that #2 on my last post wasn't funny, I feel obligated to post something else. However, I have nothing interesting to say. So, I'm going to do another 100 things about me list. Which will actually be 200 things about me. I know, I know, you are thinking I'm not that interesting to have 200 things. Well, blame it on my husband then.

1. I burnt my tounge.
2. I hate it when I do that.
3. I love it when it rains
4. If I don't have to go anywhere
5. I would watch HGTV all the time if my husband would let me.
6. He hates HGTV and makes fun of it.
7. I love beagles and other hound dogs
8. I had a beagle but she was from a puppy mill and had all kinds of health problems.
9. I spent thousands on her and she lived to be eight.
10. I have a 13 year old 13 pounds mutt named 'Casey'
11. Five of my close friends I met on the internet.
12. I'm kind of embarrassed about that.
13. They all live in different parts of the country and Canada.
14. I'm very easy going. Probably too easy going.
15. Sometimes I have to quit watching the news for a while because it upsets me so badly.
16. There was a time I wasn't sure I wanted kids.
17. I definitely had no idea what I was in for with kids.
18. I wouldn't change having my daughter for anything.
19. In fact, I find myself wanting another.
20. Then I come back to reality.
21. I have a hangnail.
22. I should use lotion on my hands but I never do.
23. I always seem to get it for gifts and it ends up old and crusty under my sink.
24. I know, you don't care.
25. If I start a book I feel obligated to finish it.
26. I have never done illegal drugs
27. My dog sleeps on a heating pad.
28. I hear that's not good for them, but she's 13 so I figure she deserves it.
29. I need to make my bed more often.
30. I think Pam cooking spray works better than the generic.
31. I cut my finger cleaning the garage.
32. My car is way dirtier than it should be.
33. I want to lose 15 pounds before I get pregnant again.
34. I'm putting off losing those 15.
35. I'm not sure why.
36. I lied. It's because I'm lazy.
37. I have an aversion to tape or things sticky.
38. I want a nicer digital camera
39. I like Better Cheddar crackers but not all stores carry them.
40. I'll settle for golfish if I have to.
41. These two thing don't help me with #33
42. I think the chicken came before the egg.
43. Or maybe it's the egg before the chicken
44. Or was it just that it crossed the road?
45. Certain bloggers intreague me. Some bore me. Most inspire me.
46. I like protein for breakfast
47. There aren't many protein choices for breakfast.
48. I never eat samples when offered at the grocery store.
49. Because I never know what to do with the little cup they give it to you in.
50. I'm going to finish the other 50 later. I need to get to bed.

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