Thursday, January 12, 2006

The things that go through my mind.

Sometimes I start pondering things then wonder if I should admit that I ponder these things. Oh, well, if you want to put me away to the funny farm at least I'd get some sleep!

1. Why do people assume because you are a preacher's wife that you know everything theologically? Do they think I went to seminary WITH him?

2. Why is a "nose job" and a "boob job" names for plastic surgery, but a "hand job", well, is...not?

3. Why did Ben and Jerry's quit selling Festivus flavor?

4. I know doves mate for life, but do they mate for love or is it a pre-arranged mating?

5. How in heck does my daughter have RED hair?

6. Do people actually watch "Fear Factor"?

7. Would someone please put Pat Robertson to sleep?

8. Why after 13 good years of being housebroken does my dog think she can now poop on the carpet?

9. Is there any way to attach the pacifier to my kid's lips when she sleeps?

10. Jelly Bellies are $6 a pound. Are they really worth it? Should I just be happy my husband is addicted to those and not some tobacco product?

That's all.

1 comment:

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