Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The drugstore

I was standing milling over the contact lens solution at our local drugstore last week trying to figure out if, being 8 months pregnant, I could bend down to get the bottle on the bottom shelf and actually get back up again. I reach to kneel, and suddenly I was approached by a very young looking fellow. Maybe 16 or so by my estimation, although I admit kids are starting to look younger and younger to me these days.

He asks "Ma'am, do you know where the pregnancy test kits are?" while his ears are turning a shade this side of beet red.

I look at him a second and say "Why, I look like I should, don't I?" Trying to bend back up.

I almost told him "they are over by the condoms", but then I realized at his age if he's looking for the pregnancy tests he probably hasn't a clue where the condoms are, either.

I replied "This way" and proceeded to lead him to the pregnancy test isle.

He said "Thanks". I start to walk away, then realize he just stood there. Staring. At the yeast infection medications. Now, I will give him this, the boxes are the same size and shape.

I went back and said "No, here they are", and pointed to three of them. He turned that familiar shade of red. Then I said "You might as well get a kit with two, it's cheaper than buying them individually, and no matter what the outcome she's going to want to test twice".

He said "Thanks". Then he said "Is this your first?" I said "No, second". He said "Oh. This will be my first".

Sigh. I hope it turned out the way he wanted.


MilkMaid said...

I hope so too. :)

Adrienne said...

Oh no!

Jim said...

Those kids. Were we different? I was very young with the first family. The second, with me much older then, I gave more time doing dad things.

Your post reminded me of the blonde who got two kits because she thought maybe she could be having twins. Yes, she was, both tests turned out positive.

cesca said...

OMG, just realised you're back!!!

WELCOME back, we've missed you!

Chickity China said...

Oh man.

I think it was kind of good of him to be the one to do the shopping though. Probably not the aisle he wanted to be shopping in for so many reasons, but at least he did it!

PBS said...

Hey, you're back! I read your previous posts and caught up, sort up. So you will have a boy and a girl? Very cool!