Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baby, it's cold!

We went out to eat last night, something we don't get to do much anymore. We went to a Tex-mex restaruant. Now, if you've never been to Texas, you've definitely never had good Tex-Mex, and probably not good Mexican food. I love it all.

Rachel is pretty good when we go out, so I wasn't too worried about her being a little fussy. We got to the restaurant and they had the traditional Tejano music playing and bright colored walls. Perfect to keep a 6 month old entertained.

Why restaruants think putting those carseat/carriers in an upside down high chair is a good idea, I'll never know. They aren't steady at all, and I would think would be a liability. But, they all do it. So, Rachel was in her car seat carrier in the upside down high chair. The thing was wobbly, so I was holding it with my knee. She was happily playing with Mr. Banana and watching the pretty lights and hustle and bustle around us.

Then the chair wiggles and looks like it is going to topple forward. So, instinctually I reach to stop it. Of course my instinct doesn't tell me I have a large glass of ice water in front of my hand at the time. Poor Rachel was showered with ice and water. Her eyes got really wide, then she let out a loud cry. Her outfit was soaked, and there was water sitting in the bottom of the carseat/carrier. I jumped up and frantically got her out fo the carseat. Of course, by the time I got her out she was smiling and giggling like she thought it was funny.

Question: What's something that seemed horrible at the time that you laughed about later??


gina said...

ok, first of all, i want some tex-mex! my favorite. a little chips and queso, some pico and a big ol' margarita :) i think a taco cabana would take off big time here!!

and i couldnt help snicker about the water- poor baby girl. was it funny after she got all dried off?

something funny after the fact--- i will have to think about that one.

Cyndi said...

Yes, the Garage sale we had last week..hehe...

happyandblue2 said...

My marriage..

Jim said...

My guess is that you went to the Cadillac Bar and Grill. Am I right? If not, where did you go? They don't have music at Pancho's so it wasn't there.
I laugh sometimes when the bad is happening. Like a few weeks ago when I knocked my big toenail off.
I generally don't cuss, so laughing works.
Unlike H&B, I'm still not laughing about my first marriage.
Most times I laugh when I'm involved in a roller skating crash. Sometimes the O.P. gets upset though.
I'm with Gina, I'll think about it more.

angela marie said...

Generally my entire life. Ummm...the lima bean food fight we had with the kids that one night. Wait. That was fun WHILE we did it and no fun to clean up. Ah well.

Glad you didn't knock her over! And did you order the seafood enchiladas for me?!?

John said...

Poor little girl! I want to try the Tex-Mex!

Fizzy said...

We do not have tex mex restaurants in the UK. The odd mexican but that is about it. I do like the stuff that you get from the supermarkets. BUT I really want to try the real stuff

Question of the day...I am not sure... any tricky situation with the kids that I survived!!

MilkMaid said...

Oh you did NOT mention mexican food here, did you??


Poor wet sweetie! Admit it, she laughs about EVERYTHING!!

Once, Trey choked on a, tortilla chip at a Mexican place. MilkMan and I nearly beat him to death getting him to breath again.

There was total silence in the place, except for the crunching of Trey, finishing up the chip he'd just choked on.

Rhodent said...

I love TEx-Mex... we have a lot of Mexicans in our area and so a lot of authentice Mexican restaurants. The Mexican assistant at church likes to bring in food that she cooks at home and knows that we like. I was thrilled the first time I had three milk cake... it is really good.
I do have to be careful about the authentic stuff, though, as it tends to be quite HOT!

ohgirl said...

This is gross but when I think of it I still laugh. My son was just a little one. While waiting with a friend to have lunch I decided to give him his bottle. Then for some odd reason decided it would be fun to play with him over my head. He promptly threw up in my face. It was terrible but pretty funny now...well in a sick way.