Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Garage Sale

If someone talks you into having a garage Fast. Do not hesitate.

I went to my sister's house, 3 hours away, on Wednesday in preparation for a garage sale this last weekend. I had so much, well, "crap" that I needed to get rid of it was embarrassing, especially since we moved and I didn't have the apartment anymore. And I really needed the money. We took two truckloads of said "crap" to her house (I say "we" but I know I will get scolded for sister and her boyfriend took one and my parents took the other for me). So, it seemed like a good idea at the time. We've had them before but I forgot two very important things:

1. Mom was there to help us so we had 3+ people.
2. I didn't have an infant.

I went Wednesday thinking I could price stuff Wednesday night and Thursday. I didn't take into account that Rachel would be sleeping in a strange place and for a kid that doesn't sleep much anyway this would put her back past any accomplishments we made as far as sleeping went. I put her down to sleep Wednesday night, she fell right to sleep, and in her usual 30 minutes she woke up with the bloodcurlding scream. Except she figured out that once she falls asleep mommy leaves the room and she was in a strange place, so she wouldn't go back to sleep for anything. Then of course Thursday she was a grumpy gus because she was tired. I got little done to prepare.

My sister, in her infinite wisdom, thought having the sale at 7 a.m. was a good idea. Me, knowing the idea wasn't her best, should have been more adamant about having it at 8 a.m. Especially considering I was sleeping in the same room as Rachel and if I get up, she was surely to get up. But, I didn't. So, we had to get up before light to get the crap out on the front lawn, and Rachel of course having the superpowers even in a completely asleep state to detect when I was leaving the room woke up also. Well, at least my daughter is showing talent at something.

Of course first thing Friday morning, no not at 7 a.m. but 6:30 a.m., the die-hard garage sale people came. You know, the ones that if they see a coffee pot for 50 cents they'll run over their own Aunt Edna and trample puppies to get to before anyone else.

Speaking of which, I am amazed at what people will buy. Our motto was "Put it out there, ya never know" and I think every thing that we said that about went. Curtains with a stain on them, cheap particle board furniture that had paint dripped on it, a can of oven cleaner. Even the 1973 hat decorated with yellow flowers and orange ribbon went for a few cents. Not that ALL of our stuff was that bad. I must say, we did get rid of some good crap.

All in all I'd say it was a success. I made about $400, and my sister made close to that much. And we really had nothing big, it was $400 of, well, crap.

p.s. We go to the sleep clinic tomorrow!

Question: What's something you tried that you'll never do again?


Chickity China said...

Wow Carol, I LOVE the new look. Very funky!

The yard sale thing sounds interesting. I've never done it. Never really had that in me. But I've helped at them before and people can really make a lot of money. The thing you expect nobody will want is the thing that everybody wants. "One man's junk is another man's treasure"...or something like that!

Too bad about Rachel not sleeping! Not to sound like a mother-in-law or anything, but when she cries do you go right in the room to get her? The guy beside me at work does that and everyone tells him to just let his son cry and in a few nights he'll stop. They all did it and it worked wonders. If she knows you'll go in when she cries, she's gonna keep doing it! Heh heh! They're smart little buggers.

Anyhow, NOT trying to make light of it. I just know that people hate to see their kids cry so they go to them right away when they do. Kids pick up on that stuff from birth. I cry, Mommy comes running, I'm happy. Hmmmm...good deal!

ohgirl said...

Oh how I hate garage sales. I would rather donate it than go through the hassle of getting ready for one. I know that sounds so lazy. I would love to make $400 selling my crap but I always come away from those things with about $40 to $60...ugh!!

Good luck with the sleep clinic. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how it went as soon as you have a free minute. Hopefully your sleep deprived days will be coming to an end.

Jim said...

I would never go to a sleep clinic again.

Jim said...

Of course I haven't been to one either.
Does we (going to the clinic) mean Rachel and you? Or the whole family?

Jim said...

I gave orders to the parents of my three grandchildren that we got as babies about the crying.
I did not want to ever see them with crying kids.
My order was that whenever the kid cried, give him/her ice cream.
That went for Mrs. Jim and our daughter, Karen, too.
By the time he/she finished his/her ice cream he/she forgot what the crying was about. Since its stomach was full it would go to sleep for a while.
Rachel looks old enough for ice cream.

Jim said...

Welcome home. I like the looks of your new page. Who helped you with it?
Or are you taking classes?
I will update on Karen's hotel fire when I have more information.

Rhodent said...

I love the new blog site look!!!

I, for one, will NEVER do another garage sale... at least not without a lot of help... the last one I had had more things stolen than sold because i was by myself.

gina said...

cutest blog!!!

i hate yard sales, but they are necessary. it is so worth the extra cash. do a little something fun with the money.

i cannot WAIT to hear about the sleep clinic. i have insomnia too, and sometimes, while restless in the middle of the night, i think of her. good luck.

Anonymous said...

I said and so far have stuck to my saying I will never have another garage sale. Granted, when you move - that is a prime time to have one - you've got stuff all cleaned out. I'm with you - amazed at what people will buy - the JUNK and then they want you to give them the good stuff for pennies.

Keeping my fingers crossed re: the sleep clinic!

Love the new look!


angela marie said...

I've done garage sales about 3 times in my life. My MORE favorite way of doing it is when my aunt does her annual sale and I just price and bring my stuff over. If I'm even too lazy for that, Goodwill gets all the stuff! I should just fill your house up with our toys...they are all in perfect condition, but every Jan/Feb, I MUST clear some out because 4 kids just got tons of new Christmas toys. OY.

I love the look! That woman looks just like you...except she should have darker curly hair. But the martini fits. Right?

R*belle said...

Love your blog! Ah. The dreaded garage sale. It is amazing what people will buy. I have quit pricing stuff and just make up the price as they ask me, they always want to pay less than asking anyway so it has worked the past 2 times. I don't know that I am brave enough for another one!

deni said...

I wanted to have a garage sale before I moved, but i don't think I will have time before then. I will end up trashing the really crappy crap and donating the rest.

Love the new look of your blog!!!

John said...

Hi Carol, the site looks nice! Good choice. It loads way faster on this crappy old dialup connection too.

Two thumbs up!

angela marie said...

Did you see that Miss Zoot has you on one of her posts?!?

Amy said...

Firstly let me just say that I love how it looks in here! I love garage sales btw and have found many bargains.

Happy and Blue said...

Wow the new look is really crappy.
Tee,hee, just kidding it's really nice.
Glad you made so much money. And hope the sleep thing gets worked out soon.

What's something you tried that you'll never do again?
Umm..Marriage. Well at least it seems that way at the moment..

MilkMaid said...

Your new look is SO CUTE!! And so you!

I'll never have kids again. LOL!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Hope your time at the sleeping clinic went well :-)

I will never travel again without planning the trip myself! And never to visit relatives in another country for a longer period either. Pheewww...

Adrienne said...

I donate all my stuff to purple heart. I did a yard sale once and that was too many times.

I LOve the new look!

I hope all is okay with Rachel. Hope to hear soon about the sleep clinic.