Friday, February 10, 2006

Plea for Help

Tuesday is Valentines Day. Now, for all of you that forgot...that's your reminder.

I must admit in my relationship with my husband when it comes to such holidays as Valentines Day and Anniversaries and things like that I'm the husband and he's the wife. He's not going to like that I said that. So, I better qualify.

He loves to mark every occassion, make a big deal, celebrate, get me gifts, etc. That's what I mean that he's the wife. Because generally it's the wifey thing to do. I'm the husband because I'd rather just forget about it and not bother. I mean, Valentines seems like such a silly Holiday. We do special things for eachother all year, I make dinner for him, if he sees that I've had a particularly bad day he will do things for me and pamper me.

This year, though, he wanted to make Valentines special. I think mostly because we have a 6 month old that I'm at home with all day every day, who doesn't sleep (I'll talk about the sleep clinic in another post very soon), and we're in a new place where I have no friends. Come to think of it, I think he thinks I'm going insane. Anyway...

He got me a gift certificate to a spa. Something we really can't afford, but he wanted me to have it. It was so sweet of him. I appreciate it, and I really need a massage.

But now I need to find something to get him. Since he spent a ton on me we I can't reciprocate with the dollar amount because we can't afford it. So, I don't know what to do. I mean, I cook for him about every night...that's not a big deal. We don't have anyone in this town to babysit, so we can't go anywhere. Or do anything we can't do with a 6 month old in tow. I do have plans for after she goes to bed...and as much as I know THAT is proably all he wants anyway, I feel like I need to do something more than THAT.

Here is my plea for help. Any suggestions??


Jim said...

What about a book or commentary that he really has been wanting? Or a special Bible?
The Lifeway bookstore is pretty close to you.

EB said...

I know what you mean about dollar restrictions. I used to get a custom made tie before becoming a full-time mum. Now I usually get t-shirts personalized with photos of our son on it. Good luck on finding something.

gina said...

give him "THAT" but spice it up a little bit. throw in something or an idea you normally wouldn't have. make it romantic. make it hot :) lol. xox good luck

mrhaney said...

well he probably wouldn't mind a good long back rub. i always like it when my wife does it for me. then make him his favorite meal and i will leave the rest to your imagination. good luck.

Anonymous said...

You could do a special dinner as a surprise, candles, music, his favourite meal, that kind of stuff.

John said...

I have no suggestions but hope your Valentine thingy goes well. I think it's a rather silly holiday too - one dreamed up by corporate America as just another way to loose a few more dollars from our wallets...

Isn't Sweetist Day the same as Valentines Day??

Anonymous said...

How about making little "certificates" IOUs...for certain things that he likes. He can use them whenever he wants. Things like a food rub, a request for his favoUrite dessert one day, having a movie night...whatever. Very inexpensive, but it's the gift that keeps on giving and it doesn't cost a thing!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I think a "foot rub" would be better than a "food rub"...but whatever turns his crank!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not the dollar amount that matters. I cook too most nights, but on V-Day hubby still loves if I make a *special* meal. We enjoy it much more than going out (with 10,000 others! LOL). I use good dishes, candles and make something special - not the ordinary everyday dinner. This year I ordered a small heart shape cake. Made up a gift bag that is not expensive - but stuff he'll enjoy - a new cd, an antique tool catalog (he collects), a new thingy for his cell phone, candy, etc.

I think you should show your love EVERY day and like you guys - we know when the other needs something special or a little extra pampering. But, we still enjoy V-day and making a big deal out of it. Don't get me started on anniversaries - we've always celebrated big-time there. But, I come by it honestly, my family is big on celebrating and get-togethers. It doesn't take much of an event for us!

Have a great one!


ps - serve the dinner in something very sexy!

ohgirl said...

Oh sweetie I wish I had read your post before V-Day. I would be more than happy to send you a gift card to our store (and I still will). I know we aren't really the kind of store a preachers wife would shop in...but...we have some really pretty lingerie. I hope your day was a nice one. I am just glad it is over since it is one of the busiest days of the year for us.

L said...

I agree-- it is a bit of a silly Holiday... but... happy belated Valentine's Day!

Weary Hag said...

I know I'm too late for this one Carol, but I just have to stick my two cents worth in!

One year, I was in the same situation with Ed. It was early on in our relationship, and though there was no 6 month old in tow, there was a 12 year old in the house to consider, which (trust me) can sometimes be worse! :)

What I did was, I took a Mason jar and cut up about twenty little slips of paper - on each piece I wrote a little note something to this effect: "This coupon is good for one taking out of the garbage" or "This coupon is good for one 15 minutes back rub" ... as I went along, I was surprised at home many little 'extra' favors I could do for the man - none of which would cost me a dime. And yes, you can get as frisky as you'd like to with these coupons ... :)

When I finished all my coupons, I put them into the Mason jar and tied a little bow around the top. I wrote up a label that said "Happy Valentine's Day ... Ed's Coupon Jar"

He LOVED this gift! He had such fun reading all the coupons. There are so many things you can use this for = birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It can really be a blast!

I'm sure you came up with some great idea too ... and you could always use this little 'recipe' another time.