Thursday, December 02, 2004

One of my rants. Don't mind me.

I saw an article in the Dallas Morning News on, I think it was Friday, about teen pregnancy. I've thought about it every day since. The article focused on a family and three generations of unwed teen mothers. The grandmother had a child as a teenager, and the child, in turn, did the same thing. Then she dumped her baby off on the grandmother while she would disappear for days with her man of the month. That baby in turn had FIVE kids as a teenager (granted four were quadruplets, but still). None of the fathers were around. They mainly focused on the girl with the quadruples and another baby. She had no high school diploma, no job and was on welfare.

That story infuriated me. I'm not sure what the author was trying to do. Make me feel sorry for her? I don't. It sickens more than anything. It is one thing to make that mistake ONCE. But then to go out and do it AGAIN! And she was quoted as saying "I want to make sure my kids don't repeat what I've done, I want them to go to college and then get married". I just DON'T UNDERSTAND how this person can do this and then not put the kids up for adoption. If she truly wanted that for her children then IMHO she would have made sure a two-parent household who lived on something other than welfare adopted the baby. How selfish can you be???? There are well established families out there with hard working parents who maybe aren't rich, but desperately want children. The waiting time to adopt an infant in the United States is over TWO YEARS. There are so few available. (Yes, I'll admit I have vested interest in this.) It would be one thing if this girl had a steady boyfriend who wanted to marry her and try to make it work. Or even a job.

Better yet, don't have sex at all. Especially after the first "oops" you would think she would learn her lesson. SEX IS NOT NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL. It is NOT. As much as it feels good at the time, it is NOT NECESSARY. People CAN obstain. They do it all the time. Get a vibrator if you "need" it! They are a lot less cheaper than a baby.

I do not feel sorry for this woman. I feel sorry for her five kids who could have very little chance to do anything but what she's done. People who make mistakes in this country have ample opportunity to fix their mistakes. And they chose not to.


laura said...

These things tend to be generational. Look at my inlaws. Cripes. My MIL gets knocked up at 17, then goes on to get pregnant "accidentally" three more times. She aborted my husband's only full blooded sibling (she doesn't know we know that), divorced his father, married a second guy, divorced him... got knocked up a third time by accident before she married hsuband number three... planned one baby, then got knocked up AGAIN while in the midst of seperating from husband number three! (And don't forget, husband number 4... the current one, only thinks he's number three. Apparently marriages that produce no offspring "don't count.")

Now, ironically, child number three of four (excluding the abortion) - the only "planned" pregnancy of her life... got knocked up at 19. She had sex with two different guys in a four day period, and married the kid who is NOT the real father. The real father was a one night stand.


So... there's MY RANT - and it disgusts me as much as it does you. Hey... at least you aren't legally bound to the people in the article. Unlike me...


Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

That's true. I am thankful I'm not related to these people. I'd probably be in jail because of murder. ;)

Deb, you have the restraint of a saint.

joy said...

yep. I'm living proof that it is not necessary for survival. BOB is much better than a real boyfriend in alot of ways.

laura said...

Saint Deb. That would look nice on a bath towel.

Did I tell ya, my Mother in Law still doesn't know my Sister in Law got married? Almost two months now!


Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

REALLY?!? Your in-laws are the subjects of a bad made for TV movie.