Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm such a REBEL

I'm skipping CLASS today. I haven't done that in a while! OK, it's a 4-week cake decorating class, and today was supposed to be the last of the four. But because I've been so busy going back and forth to Houston I didn't have time to do my homework. The homework was making and frostening a cake to take to class to decorate, and making up the various frostings used to decorate the cake. Cake decorating is more time consuming than you would expect. I suppose I could have gone and just enjoyed the instruction and told them the dog ate my homework. How far fetched is THAT excuse in a cake decorating class?? What are they going to do, fail me? Hmmm, come to think of it, my mom paid my tuition (a whole $12.50). So, she may ask to see my report card when done. OH, well. I'll risk it.

Here is a picture of my first decorated cake ever:

My life has gotten quite simple of late, hasn't it?

Question: Did you ever ditch class as a kid?

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