Monday, April 25, 2005

My day with Carol grade 27

As many of you know, I’ve been in Houston with Angela Marie from Rocks and Garbage and her mom the last couple of days. Actually, the trip there turned out quite convenient. I met with the realtor on Wednesday and looked at houses and BOUGHT ONE (more on that later) while Angie was having her procedure, which I was glad to hear turned out less painful than anticipated. Thursday and Friday we painted the town red (well, as much as a pregnant woman, a mom, and a grandma can:

Carol and Angie

Thursday morning I picked them up promptly at 10am. OK, I wasn’t so prompt, because I thought their hotel was a block further than it was. And there was construction, so I couldn’t turn around. So, I was about 15 minutes late. I called to inform them I would be a little late and her mom answered and asked me to please hurry because she was being tortured by yet another episode of Little House on the Prairie. I got there as fast as I could.

We headed out to Old Town Spring (We missed you Milkmaid!). It is a place with a bunch of old houses that were put together and made into girly-type shops. Candles, clothes, pottery, linens, dishes, you know. Girly Stuff. We met my mom, who happened to be in town, there. As we were waiting for mom Angie gave me a package with the cutest/neatest baby gifts! One of the first gifts Rachel had gotten!

We went into the shops and enjoyed seeing all the neat stuff. Angie bought chocolate that looked like pebbles for her children (so her 2 year old is probably going to start eating rocks thinking they are chocolate), and chocolate body paint for her hubby. I bought my hubby chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Please, no one tell him what Angie’s husband got. I hate to see him pout.

We ate at Wunchie Bros. for lunch. It’s a German restaurant in one of the old houses. I had a craving for sausage sauerkraut balls, so it was good we were there. We then went to a few more shops, including a nice pricy baby shop. They had an adorable canopy round crib for $998. Uh, temping, but no.

I then tortured Angie and our moms by taking them by my new house. It is vacant so I got to take them inside for the nickel tour. They did the obligatory oohs and ahhhs and that’s very nice’s so I wouldn’t keep them there any longer. Then we headed up to The Woodlands. We had a nice relaxing boat tour on the river walk.

We were the only ones on the boat and Cap’n Dave entertained us very nicely with corny jokes and small talk.

We had a drink and a cookie at the food court in the mall

said “goodbye” to my mom, and headed back to downtown Houston.

We ate dinner at Papasito’s. The BEST Tex-Mex place IMHO. They said they liked it. I think they were afraid to say otherwise, as we Texans tend to get offended if people don’t like our Tex-Mex. We all got full to the rim, and then I dropped them off at their hotel and went to my apartment for some sleep.

Friday I picked them up at 10:30am (more promptly than the day before) and we ate breakfast at the Kolache Factory.

It’s a Czech pastry if you’ve never had one, and Texas has a Czech population that sure knows how to make them. Then we headed over to the Houston Potter’s Guild shop so they could get pottery souvenirs. We then went to the Houston Natural Science Museum.

We quickly learned it was class trip day. As we wove through what seemed like thousands of second through fourth graders and tried not to step on them, we got tickets for the Museum, the IMAX, and the Butterfly exhibit.

We saw “Thrill Ride” in the IMAX. We felt like we were on roller coasters and learned how they make virtual thrill rides. It was a good one. We went into the museum next and had fun playing with the chemistry section. Angie and I are such Science geeks.

Angie was chased by a prehistoric animal,

and got caught,

but apparently she tastes bad because he spit her out.

After the museum we went to our individual resting places for an hour of relaxation. I used it to call the inspector to inspect my new house next week and the mortgage company. I hope they took naps. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory at the Galleria for dinner. We once again got stuffed. We did each get cheesecake, but took them home because we couldn’t eat another bite. I brought mine with me and shared it with Bryan when I got home. Oh, and my new favorite cheesecake is Tuxedo. YUM!

I probably gained 50 pounds while Angie and her mom were here, as Houston is made up of pretty much shopping and eating, but we had a blast!

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