Thursday, April 07, 2005


We're moving! We're moving back "home". Or what I consider as much "home" as a nomad like me can have. Back to the northern suburbs of Houston. (Yes, Milkmaid! We will be "neighbors" again!). I am so happy about this. My husband is finishing his Masters degree in May, getting probationarily ordained, and placed at a new church, because the one he is in now is a student appointment.

I am excited to move back to the North Houston suburbs. We lived close to there the first 8 years of our marriage. Three of my close girlfriends live there. One is a SAHM (hi Joy!) and I am excited that she and I will be able to call eachother and I can ask her for advice. I would say we can give eachother advice but her kids are already walking, talking, out of diapers, and one is in school. So, I think the advice will be one-sided.

I'm going to miss the country. I love it out here until I need something. And with gas prices at $2.17 it costs $3 in gas just to get a gallon of milk. But other than that, I love watching the bluebirds, the cardinals, the laid-back lifestyle, hearing the coyotes at night, going to the only restaurant for miles and listening to the country folk in their overalls and cowboy hats gossip. You know, "the wild boars uprooted my crops again", "Did you hear Miss Eustes's granddaughter got a job at the market in town?", and "what a mild winter we had!". Except it sounds more like "Them boars et my crops agin.", "Did ya hear? Miss Eustes grandbaby is workin' et the market over yonder!" and "Whooey! That there was one nice winter". One day we swore we were sitting next to the prototype to Boomhauer from King of the Hill at the restaurant. We didn't understand a word he said.


Anyway, as much as that will be missed, it will be nice to go back to the area we love. With friends.

Now I need to get my rear in gear and find a place to live. We will be moving June 1st, so there's no time to waste. Especially if we decide to buy a house.

I need to find moving boxes. The thing I dislike the most is finding moving boxes.

I need to start packing. Oh, the packing!

The fun starts now.

Question: (this question is a self-serving one) Any moving advice?

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