Sunday, April 10, 2005


Spring. It is definitely here and getting warmer. However, in Texas Spring mean blooming things, and blooming things mean ALLERGIES.

Oh, you think those beautiful wildflowers are lining the side of the road just to look pretty. They look all innocent and nice there. But they're EVIL, I'm telling you! Evil!!

If you have never had allergies and you think you are immune, come to Texas (especially central texas down to college station) in the spring. It is the allergy capital of the world. Well, according to everyone that live here, anyway. People have actually MOVED from the Dallas area because they couldn't control allergies. And we all know what an inconvenience moving is, so it has to be bad. I am taking a cake decorating class and 6 out of the 8 people were sniffling and sneezing due to allergies. Yes, just what you want to see in a cake decorating class. Luckily, we didn't have to eat eachother's creations. I don't generally get the sniffles, but I get headaches. I don't know which is worse.

My hubby, however, gets the sniffles. And he snores when he has the sniffles. Therefore, I don't sleep when he has allergies. And I get headaches, like I mentioned. Oh, yes. You can imagine what it is like at our house. He is misreable because of itchy, watery eyes, and stuffy nose. I am miserable because I get no sleep because of his buzz sawing at night and the headaches. And I am such a sensitive, light sleeper. I don't do well on the sofa.

What's worse is Spring isn't the only time. Cedar trees pollenate during the winter here, and that's just as bad if not worse. Pine trees go CRAZY in the fall.

If only God consulted ME before he made the world. I think I could have mentioned he should look into other ideas besides pollenation.

Question: Have you ever been bothered by someone who snores?

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