Monday, April 11, 2005

Telemarketing insanity

This morning the church phone rang. Since the house is right next door and hubby is the only staff person, it rings in our house as well as the church. He was working diligently on something when the phone rang, but he went ahead and answered it. And the person on the other end said “Does your church do fundraising?” My husband answered “Yes, we do”. And the lady on the other end of the phone goes into a long drawn out speech about the company she represents and their fund raising opportunities for churches. Then she says “Let me transfer you to our sales department, please hold,” and she put him on hold. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to the sales department. He never said he was interested. The only words he said was “Yes, we do”. So, while he was on hold he hung up.

The phone rings again, and I answered it (he had just walked out the door for a meeting). The guy asked for him and I said he wasn’t available, could I take a message. He goes OFF and says his employee quit and ran out of the building crying because my husband was so rude and he wanted him to know. I promptly hung up on him. After all, I didn’t need someone screaming at ME on the phone. The guy was WACKED.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought maybe someone else had called earlier when I was in the shower or something. I asked hubby when he got home what that was all about. After all, I’ve never seen him be rude to anyone. If anything, I try to field telemarketers because he will actually talk to them (not to insult any telemarketers out there…but it is annoying). He couldn’t believe it, and told me how the conversation went (which I had heard his “yes, we do” but I thought it couldn’t possibly be THAT call).

If I had known I probably would have told the guy that it’s best that the lady quit because she obviously can’t take the rejection that comes with sales and especially telemarketing.

I just couldn’t believe a telemarketer called to gripe us out for hanging up.

Question: What do you do when you get a call from a telemarketer?

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