Monday, November 08, 2004

Dr. Mills. Olan, that is!

I went for my post-operative checkup today. Basically, the doctor set this appointment up for me to look at the pictures of my insides that they took. I walked into his office and he lays the pictures out on his desk. I almost said "I'd like 2- 8x10's and 5 wallets", but the doctor didn't seem to be in much of a mood for my tomfoolery. So, I just looked at them. Fallopian tubes are bigger than I thought they were. They are actually quite large! Leave it to MY eggs not to be able to find them. Actually, I told Bryan the other day it isn't a wonder that his sperm hasn't found my eggs with his lack of a sense of direction! He didn't think that was funny. In fact, he said his sperm probably didnt want to be anywhere NEAR my eggs because they were nagging his sperm about their terrible swimming.
Scuba Diving

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joy said...

Maybe they need to get swimming lessons. Did the doctor think of that? I want a wallet one when you get it. It will be a great converstation piece. I am sure I can get a man interested in a date if I pull that out.