Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Please phrase it in the form of a question.

The one question I hate answering, which everyone you meet inevitably asks, is "Where are you from". It seems like such an innocent question to the asker. Yet, it so complicated for me.

I was born in a suburb of Erie, Pennsylvania. I moved to Waco when I was 10. Lived there until I was 18 and went to college in Huntsville, Texas. Then moved to Conroe, TX which is I guess where I consider "home" because I miss it and all of my friends are there. We lived there 8 years and moved to Richardson, a suburb of Dallas until a year ago.

Even if they are asking it in a present tense, I don't know what to say. On weekends I'm now close to Tyler, Texas, but by weekday I'm in Houston.

If they are asking in a "where did you grow up" way, I don't know what to say, either, because I was in Pennsylvania halfway AND Texas halfway. When people ask it I generally say "That's a hard one". They will often come back and say "Well, where do your parents live". That's not so easy either. They lived in West Virginia the last 8 years, where I've only visited maybe 4 times. And now they are full-time RVers , so essentially they are homeLESS.

I guess I'm just from Texas. Maybe I can even narrow it down to East Texas. There.


MilkMaid said...

You are never ever JUST from Texas, you should know that by now after all these years LOL!!!

I've lived just outside of Conroe for about 15 years now, country, but with The Woodlands still close enough for shopping. And hey, we have a Super Walmart, what more do you need?

angela marie said...

I am from Wisconsin. Just Wisconsin. Never moved from Wisconsin. Boy, that's boring.