Saturday, November 13, 2004

How could I be so dense?

I was driving by Reliant Stadium Friday where the Houston Texans play. I realized all of these cars going into Reliant Stadium are filled with women. So, I think to myself, something good has got to be going on, right? I mean, all these women. I'm a woman. I have to like what they like.

As my car slowly inches I read the billboard at Reliant Stadium and I see "Nutcracker Market". So, I think it must be some kind of nutcracker show. Maybe like a doll show but more specialized. Wow, a lot of women collect nutcrackers. I blow it off and finally get home.

Today Bryan and I were in The Woodlands (as a side note, we used to live up that way. I miss it terribly), and we ran into an old friend, John. His wife is one of my best friends. He mentions to me that Chacy is at the Nutcracker Market. Now, I start thinking I AM missing something, as I know Chacy doesn't collect nutcrackers. Through prying, I found out from John it's the biggest FREAKIN' CRAFT SHOW in the state (OK, I made up that statistic, but there are 500 vendors. It's gotta be up there). And it ran from Friday through Sunday.

Poor Bryan. Guess where he gets to take me tomorrow?


angela marie said...

Whew. I thought you were going to say that it was some kind of stripper thing...I was going a little far with the NUTcracker idea, I guess.

Poor Bryan. Can I come instead?!?

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

LOL! As I typed that I was thinking that people would think I was going to say it was a lesbian convention. That WOULD be a good name for a lesbian convention, wouldn't it??