Monday, November 15, 2004


I tell my husband that I got married so I would have someone to kill bugs. He thinks I'm joking, but I have to admit it's probably in my top ten of the things I appreciate about being married. You know, comfort, support, love, sex, kill bugs.

Tonight I was sitting here and this HUGE spider crawls across the floor. I mean, it was HUGE. Of course, Bryan wasn't here (Actually I AM at "his" house, but he is at a meeting). I ran to find a shoe. (Don't ask ME how he catches them with a paper towel and smooshes them in his hand with it because he doesn't want it smooshed in the carpet. ICK!! If I have to feel the thing crush through the paper towel, or even move under the paper towel for that matter, I think I would spew, and that's harder to get out of carpet.)

So, because he takes care of me so well when it comes to bugs, is it wrong that when forced to kill one myself, when I ran to get a shoe to kill it I chose one of HIS shoes so the bug guts didn't get on MY shoes?


joy said...

He does have the bigger foot. It is logical to use his shoe.

Ya know. I remember when dumbass left and it was about a few weeks and a huge spider came into my room (I'm not speaking metaphorically was a real spider) and my first instinct was to yell for someone else to come save me from the ferosious spider. No one was there anymore. So I bucked up and killed it eeking and eewing all along. And I looked at the dead pile of spider leggs that were left and I felt some sort of comfort. Wierd huh. I took pleasure in killing the stupid spider myself. Kinda a screw him, I don't need him...I am woman hear me roar kind of a thing. Weird I remember that.

ale said...

spiders dont bother me. My 4 yr old nephew calls them "Piders".... he cant say spiders yet. lol

I'll take spiders and non poisionous snakes anyday.

I hate BEES. Wasps, hornet... they make me run for cover. lol