Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Egg faced.

When I was 12 I attended a slumber party. I was there with three or four goody-two-shoes, being one myself. We did the usual listening to music, watching movies, eating doritos and sour cream and pickles. But we were bored. I, being a natural leader, decided this slumber party needed to be spiced up. So, we decided to play truth or dare. What 12 year old girl slumber party is complete without it? We went through the regular truths...are you a virgin? How many boys have you kissed? Who do you like?...Finally someone said "Dare". YAY! Now we're getting somewhere! I dared her to eat a raw egg.

She wouldn't do it. Apparently, we hadn't gone over the rules ahead of time and I failed to realize anything worth daring was exempt. So, I got mad. Not mad as in red faced, but more irritated because this party was BORING and I thought truth or dare would spice it up a bit. I proceeded to call them "pathetic" and "whimps".

Then they turned the tables. They said "Then YOU do it".

OK, fine. It was a challenege. I'm not going to be the boring person here. I'll do it. We went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and got the egg. We cracked it in a glass and, I drank it. Then proceeded to throw it up, along with the doritos, sour cream, and pickles, into the sink.

That was the nastiest thing on the planet.

Question: Have you ever done anything really stupid just to save face?

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Ian said...

Exhibit A: At a party in college, I got really drunk and said that I could handle spicy food better than anyone around. So someone told me to drink a bottle of Tobasco. So, to save face, I did it -- and proceeded to suffer laryngeal spasms that had me concerned, for about a minute and a half, that I might die.

Exhibit B: At a party in college (I see a theme here), I bragged to several friends about how much I could drink. They then dared me to drink a whole bottle of Southern Comfort (100 proof), which I tried. I almost completed the task, but my body's intrinsic intelligence interposed itself by inducing vomiting before I became another headline about the evils of college binge-drinking.

Wow, I sure have gone to great lengths to save face! Good to know I've grown up since college. Thanks for the post, and try scrambled instead of raw!