Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Planning stages

I'm finally getting into the baby thing. I don't know what has taken me so long. My very intrusive mother in law has been begging me to make decisions on the nursery and things since she knew I was pregnant. (She's an entirely different post.) I guess things just didn't seem "real". It has taken a while for me to realize that there actually IS a baby in there! You would think 3 ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat twice would do it. What can I say, I'm hard headed.

I love to decorate, so I've been looking forward to decorating the nursery since I decided to have children. I wasn't going to start the planning of it quite yet, but I went to Canton this weekend and fell in love with a baby bedding set. It was a freakin' $600! Uh, no. That's rediculous.

So, I thought I'd look for the material. After hunting and hunting I FINALLY found it on the internet! Woo Hoo! Here it is:

Nursery Rhyme Fabric Posted by Hello

What do you think? I think I'm going to accent it with Sage Green and Yellow. It has little nursery rhymes all over it. That's going to be the "theme" of the nursery.

WHY CAN'T I GET BLOGGER OR HELLO TO WORK!!! *&^%*())! Just go here to see the fabric. I give up.


deni said...

That is pretty, and neutral, good for a boy or a girl. It's going to look nice when it's done.

MilkMaid said...

That is soooo precious!!

cesca said...

Yes, it's quite nice. I'm not one to give opinions though, because I SUCK at decorating. I have no idea. My kids got whatever handmedowns I was given...

By the way, your interview is on my blog now - it was nice having you to visit!

Anonymous said...

I love that Carol!! I also LOVE decorating! I'm pretty sure I've seen that fabric or something similar. I think I've also seen a coordinating toile that came in both green or pink.

You'll have to share some pics of the nursery!


Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Thanks! And Tina, I will definitely share pictures of the nursery! It won't be until after June, though, because we are moving then so I won't put anything together until then.

Karen said...

Geez Carol, that's a lot of work. Prod one of your blogging buddies into having an online-shower for you (we'll all chip in for the $600 sheet set.)


Cyber-panhandle. Set up a Paypal account where we can send donations. "Help my baby have a better future by helping me buy this sheet set!"

It could work.

angela marie said...

That is so cute. I love green, so I love that idea.
Fun stuff!

Elle said...

Very cute fabric. Don't go crazy with expensive stuff, it gets messy fast. You're not hard-headed, you're being cautious. Wanna laugh? I am an ORDAINED MINISTER!!! Thanks to Denny. Isn't that hysterical??? Can you ask your husband if I am going to go to hell.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

LOL Karen! Yea, I can set up an Ebay auction and say my kid will be dysfunctional without the bedding. Actually, if I did that then it's a shoe in that the kid will be dysfunctional! (OK, it's probably a shoe in either way. lol)

Elle, you are right, I would never spend a bunch of money on something that isn't going to last me until I die. Unless it's a vacation.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Oh, and Elle, the ordained minister thing...I saw that on Denny's blog and responded! I knew about that. I think that's what Joey did on "Friends" so he could marry Monica and Chandler. I haven't asked Bryan what he thinks of it...I'll have to. I thought about doing it as a joke, but then I figured it would be disrespectful to Bryan since he will have worked 10 years to become ordained and I get to do it in 2 minutes. *giggle*