Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm getting philosophical. Don't mind me...Just go about your day.

I heard a quote today by Tony Campolo. He is an evangelist who is well known as a radical and/or a heretic depending on the views you hold, is a leader of "prgressive Christianity" and is invited to many churches to speak/preach. I don't necessarily agree with most of his politics or theology, but he does have a few good thoughts. Apparently he was invited to speak at an Episcopal church. This was a very formal church. He got on the pulpit, and the first thing he said was (and I'm not quoting directly because I'm going by memory, but pretty close):

"Fifty thousand children die every day due to preventable causes, and you don't give a shit. And what's worse, is you're more concerned that I said 'Shit' than you are about the children."

Oh, that is SO true. So true. Not just about Church goers, either. It seems like we as people in general get so wrapped up in our own worlds we lose sight of what really matters. And it's not cars, the latest clothes, the brand new video games, anything of the sort. If it doesn't breathe it isn't important.

I was in sales for 7 years. I was there with them. It was so easy to chase the almighty dollar, to obsess about your next bonus check, a few thousand not being enough. The focus was on the boat or the lake house you were going to buy next. So much so that people sacrificed their whole lives, their whole being just for the money. I would work 60 to 70 hours a week, neglecting my husband and family, because of the ego trip I got. I was focused on the wrong thing. At least I didn't have kids. Many do.

Now, I should probably clarify that there are many rich people that do have the right focus. I'm not talking about the "rich" necessarily. I'm talking about any focus that is misplaced. The focus could be something other than money.

There's so much more to life than these things. I'm so glad I get that now. I'm so much happier, too.

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