Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I smell a skunk

I consider myself quite lucky. Or blessed, however you would like to look at things. I have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for. And I consider that a BIG blessing, because I got married at 20. And you can make some really stupid decisions on with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life when you get married that young. And I was able to work my way through college to get a degree. And I had a great, profitable career. I have lots of friends, a close family, a baby on the way. What more could a girl want?

BUT, I have never been lucky if I do something I shouldn't. If I cheated on my taxes, I'd be the one to get audited (Attention any IRS agents that read this...I did not cheat on my taxes. I probably pay too much on my taxes. ahem). When I was a kid, if I did something that could get me in trouble I inevitably got caught. Maybe that's why I became a goody-two-shoes. I gave up the "bad" girl thing. I lost the battle. It was either be good or be grounded or feel really guilty, because I was going to be caught. Come to think of it, my guilt was probably what got me caught.

One such time was when I was about 16 years old. I had a friend spending the night. My boyfriend came by at about midnight, knocked on my window, and asked us to come outside. My parents were asleep, so we opened the window, pulled off the screen and crawled through. It was easy enough as the windows were long and skinny, only a foot or two above the ground. We sat in the front yard chatting for an hour or so, and then he suggested we "go somewhere". Who the hell knows where. We were teenagers. It didn't matter.

My curfew was midnight, and I certainly wouldn't have been permitted to go somewhere at 1 a.m. But, we got in the car and got about 2 miles down the road. Then I chickened out. I asked him to go back. I could just see it, coming home in the wee hours of the morning from doing who knows what, my mom in hysterics, my dad pissed. I couldn't do it. So, after a lot of "oh, come ON!"'s and name calling by both my friend and boyfriend, he brought us back. And we started to crawl back into the window. And we realized a skunk was in my room.

We had left the window open with no screen and, lo and behold, while we were out a skunk decided to take residence in my bedroom. We were stuck. We couldn't go into the room and risk getting us and my entire bedroom sprayed by a skunk. The doors were locked, so we couldn't get into the house any other way. Our only option was to knock on my parents bedroom window and get them to let us in. Yea, we had a lot of explaining to do. I had to tell them we climbed out the window. I did omit the part where we went out in the car, but it didn't seem to matter. They were ticked. They were more than ticked.

They had to call Animal Control at 2 in the morning, who had to wake their guy on-call up who came with traps. He put moist cat food in them and set them up on my bedroom floor. My friend and I had to sleep in the living room. And honestly, I'm surprised my parents gave us blankets and a pillow.

Yea, I'm unlucky when it comes to things like that.

Question: Do you consider yourself a lucky or unlucky person?

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