Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Old Friends

I feel a little silly posting my picture, so I had to post something here to get it off the first thing you see. Yea, I have issues.

Anyway, I would really like your opinion. I posted a month or two ago about my old friend Jerri. I haven't talked to her in about 6 years. I finally got around to looking up her phone number, and I FOUND HER! HA! But, now I'm chicken to call.

My sister, who if you knew her would expect no other reaction, says call her, what can it hurt. And my husband, who generally isn't much of a friend whore like I am, says don't call, because she'll think I'm weird for calling.

I know if it were me, I'd be tickled pink that someone I was good friends with six years ago looked me up. But then again, the only time that has happened to me wasn't a plesant experience.

I got a call over a year ago from a guy I knew in high school. He worked with me at a florist back in our high school years. We were friends and would do stuff with a group of people we both hung out with on occassion. Some people said he had a crush on me then, but I was seriously dating at the time (my husband, actually) and honestly wouldn't have been interested anyway. And I tend to be skeptical when people say those things. Whatever.

Anyway, he called me about a year and a half ago and said he looked me up on the internet and realized we were living in the same town. He was married to an attorney and wanted to get together for lunch. I said that I was going out of town for work this week, but when I got back that sounded good.

When I told my hubby about it he said "Absolutely not". Now, my husband is SO-not-jealous. I wish sometimes he was MORE jealous. I'm always going on work lunches with gentlemen and sometimes even overnight business trips, and it never bothered him. But he said that in high school this guy was totally into me and he thought I shouldn't go. OK, whatever. I thought he was silly, but if he felt that way, fine. It is very rare he has an opinion on such things. It surprised me, actually, but if I felt the way he did about a girl from High School calling I would be upset if he went anyway.

So, the next week the guy called, and I made an excuse about working too much (which wasn't far from the truth) and he said "OK". Then he kept calling. Daily. And then it got weird. (yea, I only attract the great ones.) He told me he was getting a divorce and wanted to see me, and that he had been tracking what I was doing over the years and he told me exactly where I had lived and what I had been doing for the last 10 years. Then he would call 5 times a day. And I asked him not to call anymore. And he started crying on the phone and said he wanted to see me again. Finally I hung up on him and changed my phone number and marked it unlisted. AND I moved back to Houston about that time, so it worked out.

I never felt threatened, but I'm glad my husband talked me out of meeting him.

So, I think about that experience, and think, should I really call Jerri? I don't want her to think I'm one of THOSE.

What do YOU think? Should I call her?

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