Friday, February 25, 2005

100 things about Carol.

I caved. I'm doing it! It looked like fun. What the hell. In fact, why don't you do it too??

1. I have been married 12 years.
2. I got married when I was 20.
3. My husband was 24 when we married.
4. We had been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years before I had surgery for endometriosis.
5. One month after the surgery Mr. Sperm met Ms. Egg.
6. I am 5' 11"
7. My husband is 6'6"
8. I love dogs
9. My husband tried to get me a rabbit instead of a dog when we got married thinking it would suffice.
10. We had a dog a month later.
11. I can be obsessive about organization.
12. I am hoping I can let it go when I have the baby.
13. I have one sister.
14. My sister is my best friend.
15. My sister and I are nothing alike.
16. I am close to my niece.
17. My parents sold their house and bought a Motorhome and travel full time.
18. I think my parents are crazy.
19. I was born and lived in Erie, Pennsylvania until I was 10.
20. I moved to Texas when I was 10.
21. I hated Texas at first, but I love it now.
22. I love Little House on the Prairie.
23. I have light brown curly hair.
24. I straightened my hair once and my sister loved it, but I didn't.
25. I got braces at 29 and got them off at 31.
26. I have been to most states in the US including Hawaii twice, and also Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and Germany. And that's it.
27. I would like to travel more for liesure someday.
28. The first time I was on an airplane was my honeymoon.
29. I love the Muppets.
30. My favorite Muppet is Beaker because I relate to him.
31. I love to scrapbook.
32. I have enough pictures in my boxes that I will never get them all in scrapbooks.
33. I owned a pet sitting business.
34. I was co-owner of a candle and soap making corporation.
35. My favorite dessert is home made chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.
36. My birthday is December 14th.
37. I have a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry.
38. I often wonder why the hell I picked Chemistry.
39. My sister and my mom's birthdays are 4 days before and after mine.
40. I have an aversion to stickers and used little pieces of paper, they gross me out.
41. The first time I was really drunk was when I was 29.
42. My sister, niece, and I all share the same middle name "Joy".
43. My first Disneyland/world experience was when I was 30.
44. I hate ironing.
45. I like to cook when I have time to do it.
46. I would like to get my bellybutton pierced when it is flat again.
47. My husband doesn't want me to, so I probably won't.
48. I like to do crafty things.
49. I used to play the clarinet and piano.
50. I wish I kept the clarinet and piano up.
51. I played clarinet in an ensemble that played for George Bush Sr when he was president.
52. I sing in the choir at church.
53. I am an alto in the choir.
54. I broke my foot when I was 12 because my sister was trying to outrun me on the bicycle.
55. I don't like Sushi.
56. I shave my legs once a month in the winter because the hairs are fine and blonde.
57. I once got stuck in a dog door.
58. I once left my window open and a skunk got in my bedroom.
59. My first job was a car hop at a 50's style restaurant.
60. I worked at two florists through high school and early college.
61. My house got struck by lightning when I was 16.
62. I can wiggle my ears.
63. I like to horseback ride.
64. I took English riding lessons for a year.
65. I started to learn how to jump fences on a horse.
66. I like Paul Simon and Simon and Garfunkel.
67. I have lived in 6 different cities in Texas.
68. I am taller than both of my parents.
69. I hate taking pills.
70. I am afraid of birds.
71. I am very ticklish on my feet and sides.
72. My parents don't go to church.
73. I didn't go to church until I was 18.
74. I only started going to church because I thought a boy was cute and he wanted me to go with him.
75. I ended up marrying that boy.
76. Now I go to church because I want to.
77. I like to swim.
78. I played outdoors most of the time when I was a kid.
79. I don't like coffee.
80. I don't even like anything Mocha, kahlua, or coffee flavored desserts.
81. Both my parents and my husbands parents have been married 40 years each.
82. I like antiques.
83. My living room has a lot of antiques and I think it looks like an 80 year old woman's living room.
84. I knew how to squaredance (the real thing with the poofy skirts and everything) when I was younger.
85. I am embarrassed that I squaredanced when I was younger.
86. I just bought a 2001 Honda CRV that I like very much.
87. I like to walk around barefoot.
88. My favorite sport to play is volleyball.
89. I like to play competitive sports.
90. My husband was a social worker for the mentally ill and mentally retarded for 10 years.
91. I like to watch Football if a team I like is playing.
92. I am a fan of the Houston Texans.
93. I think their quarterback is cute.
94. I want to go to Alaska for vacation.
95. I tried smoking twice and didn't like it either time.
96. I enjoy reading an eclectic variety of books.
98. My mother was a foster child from the time she was 4 years old.
99. She met her biological family for the first time when she was 55 years old, but her mother had already died.
100. If you actually read down to the 100th one then say "the cow moos softly at midnight!!"


Anonymous said...

Wow! I will have to think about the 100 things about me - but what struck me is the things we have in common. It would be fun to see what different people have in common here. For instance:

-the organization thing
-I also have one sister
-we also are nothing alike
(but we are very close)
-I love to travel and want to go to Alaska also
-I like to ride horses
-I am afraid of birds
-I go to church because I want to
-I played outdoors most of the time as a kid (still try to!)
-I don't like coffee
-I like antiques
-I like being barefoot
-didn't like smoking either
and finally - - -
the cow moos softly at midnight!

Neat post Carol!


cesca said...

I love these lists!

We have very little in common, Carol (not that it matters of course!).

But I like to travel, and I like going barefoot also.

deni said...

I already did a 100 things about me list, but I could probably do another one, because there is so much more about me than 100 things.

hehheh, the cows moo softly at midnight.

Oh yeah, I had my belly button pierced, took it out after 6 months, it hurt going in and kept hurting.

angela marie said...

Actually, in Wisconsin, you can hear the cows LOUDLY sometimes around midnight.

Anyway. I love those 100 Things things. I gotta do one yet...

I loved reading yours...and I knew a lot of them already, so that must mean we are good friends, eh? ;)

Adrienne said...

The cows moo softly at midnight.

Great post Carol!

I didn't know you liked LH.

Ordinary Dad said...

Why do the cows moo softly at midnight?

Cyndi said...

I have alot of those in common too! Hey! Maybe we are realted..hehe..
ok...I didn't know you tried smoking!!! Why didn't I know that? And yes, we are different...your the wild one. ;)

Cyndi said...

crap..I can't spell related. I need spell check!!!

happyandblue2 said...

The cows moo softly at midnight.
I like this idea more everytime I see it done. I am going to do a 10,000 things about me next week..

Denny Shane said...

Hi Carol! Great posting... and guess what? You are Today's Newest Blog Inductee into My Almost Normal Members. laugh... Thanks for posting on my blog.

Elle said...

Liked learning about you. Wow, you really played for the president? I'm impressed.

Nyx said...

Is the cow an anti-rooster?

Very interesting although I found the belly button thing made me go very squeamish, especially after what DL said.

writersblock said...

I never have the patience to make it through those lists - either writing or reading. Love the fact that you think you won't be organized when you have a baby. Good luck with that one. I'll bet you sacrifice what little sleep you get to do the things you do.

blue2go said...

I love these, so intriquing. You're an interesting person Carol! But you knew that.

Now Danny said...

These blogs are like chain letters in reverse. Gota love em.

Now Danny said...

These blogs are like chain letters in reverse. Gota love em.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Thanks everyone! I kind of was thinking my list was rather made me feel interesting and important! ;)

Karen said...

Carol - post the original list of 100 questions and we can all have a go.