Saturday, February 12, 2005

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day.

My friend Deb gave up the "f-word" for lent. That made me think a bit. I've never been one to curse a lot. Or at all. I don't know why. Just never got into the habit, I guess. Oh, I'll curse for shock value every once in a while, although I don't tink I've ever said the f-word out loud. Like I said, no reason, really. I haven't ever flipped anyone off, either. Although, once I REALLY wish I had. This is the story....

I had just started a new job in Dallas. The company was to move us up there, but not until the house sold. So, hubby was still in the Houston area. It was my third day on the job. I knew no one in Dallas yet, and to make things worse my office was in my house, actually the temporary apartment I was in, and I visited customers. So I didn't have anyone at work to rely on either. I had been given a company car, but the guy before me trashed the thing. So, they were going to get me another, but they had to order it.

So, I'm driving down the tollway in this trashed Dodge Grand Caravan. Purple in color. I get just in front of a toll booth and the tire blows. And it jerks my steering wheel to the right, which made me go up on a curb next to the toll booth, which bent the rim on the blown out tire. Luckily I didn't hit the toll booth. One good thing happened that day.

So, I take the car limping, to the next exit and pull into a parking lot. Never fear, I'm a modern woman, my dad taught me how to change a tire when I went to college. So, I rolled up my sleeves (in my suit), opened the hatch and pulled back the carpet to get the spare tire. And it was FLAT.

Oh, great. So, what now? I know no one. I finally figured out that the leasing company that owns the company car has a service like Triple A. So, I call them. An hour later a tow truck shows up and tows me to a Firestone to get a new tire. They can't fix it that day because they don't have a rim for that particular vehicle. Fine, they call a rental car company to come get me and I'll be on my way.

I get the rental car. By now it is too late to see my customer, so I head back to the apartment. The Dallas traffic really sucked that day. I sat still in a traffic jam. The guy behind me apparently had his head up his butt. He rear-ended me. Thank GOD I had gotten the extra insurance on the rental car, which apparently I wasn't supposed to get according to the guy at my company, but since I was new and in this case he wasn't going to yell at me. Anyway, the guy who rear-ened me tried to get me to avoid telling the rental car place. Oh, yea, like they wouldn't walk to the back of the car EVER and would never notice that scrunched bumper! Jerk.

Anyway, now very frazzled and freaking out a little, wondering if this karma was going to follow me all of my days living in Dallas, I head to the apartment. Again. I went through this residential area and there was a stop sign. This stop sign was in the absolutely most STUPID place on the face of the earth. A speed bump would have been appropriate there, but a STOP SIGN?!? And me being new to the area I didn't see it. I was only driving 25 or 30, but I sailed right through. It just so happens an older lady had actually stopped on the opposite direction. Now, granted, I should have stopped. It WAS a stop sign. But I had a bad day. The older lady looks at me from her car, squints her eyes at me, tightenes her lips, and points her finger and wiggles it. As if to say "For SHAME". I regret not flipping her off. I'm sure it would have had every effect I intended. And I'm sure she would have squealed a "WELL, I NEVER!"

Question: #1 Have you ever had a conversation with someone and afterwards thought of 100 things you should have said? AND #2 Do you think I should have flipped the lady off, or was it better that I refrained?


Anonymous said...

I have never flipped someone off although I have stuck my tounge out at someome. Made me feel good. I can think of every argument that I had with my ex that I thought of later what else I should have said. Believe me there was plenty.


cesca said...

Good on you for refraining! Take the high ground every time!

I am also not a big swearer - I don't like the "f" word, but I might have said it once or twice in my life!

As for things I woulda shoulda coulda said...! I hate the fact that in a stressful situation my brain shuts down and I can NEVER EVER think of a witty/angry/clever reply until about an hour later.

laura said...

I wouldn't have flipped the old lady off. I would have blown her a kiss.

angela marie said...

I usually think of a good response anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 days after I needed it.

As far as flipping's not a good idea. It just escalates the road rage. I prefer to smile and wave at the jerks...that gets 'em.

Adrienne said...

The last thing cesca said about the woulda coulda, you can ditto for me. My brain just collapses during stressful times. After a few hours/days it all hits me as to what I could have said.

Good for you for not flipping off granny. In that situation, I would have given a wave, not a flip. However, there have been many drivers that have seen my finger.

happyandblue2 said...

The last time I flipped someone off it turned out to be someone I knew. Never done it since.
I never think of good things to say. I try to stick to simple things that make no sense like "I know you are but what am I". It works for every situation.

happyandblue2 said...
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Elle said...

I was going to say that I would have blown her a kiss, and I see deb said the same thing! Mmmm. Interesting. When I see someone irate, I pretend I think they know me and I wave in recognition. I only blow kisses to those most hostile. The most effective thing to do is to ignore them, it drives them crazy, literally.

Elle said...
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laura said...

I'm tellin' ya Elle, we "know" each other. :)