Thursday, February 24, 2005

Open mouth. Insert foot.

Once again, I was reading someone else's blog, Cesca's to be exact, and I thought of a post for my own. Thanks, Cesca!

When I was in college I would work out at the free University Athletic Center. It was right on campus. When I would go there mostly the Jocks would be there, football players, basketball players, track people. But that didn't bother me even though I didn't play a sport. It was a cheap place to work out.

One day I was doing squats. You know, where you put the bar on your back and squat down and lift. I was resting in between the sets and this football player came up to me and started making conversation. I'm a friendly sort of person, so we chatted. He told me about his football practice and seemed like a nice fellow. He asked me what sport I play. I told him I don't play a sport, I just work out. His reply was "Oh, really? Well, usually big, buffed up women like yourself play sports".


I just looked at him and raised my eyebrows. After all, what woman wants to be called "big" and "buffed up"? For all of you single men out there, NONE.

He then proceeded to cough, get really uncomfortable, and say "well, uh, er, uh, you know what I mean, I mean, uh, you look really good and fit". I must admit I had to chuckle. I know the guy was trying to pick me up, and he realized he just said the WRONG THING. lol. (Little did he know he didn't have a chance anyway, as I was married).

And another related story.....

My sister and I were shopping last weekend for maternity clothes for myself. We walked into this shop and go toward the maternity section. The lady behind the counter said in a perky voice "Which one is pregnant?". My very NOT pregnant sister looks at her and says in the same perky voice "Thanks for asking!". The lady kind of choked, like she was embarrassed that she asked the question and didn't know what to say. In the lady's defense she couldn't see either of our stomachs because the clothes racks were high. If she could it would have been obvious.

Yes, open mouth, insert foot.

Question: Have you ever said something embarrassing and couldn't take it back? Has anyone ever said something to you that came out all wrong?


Elle said...

"So when are you due to have the baby?" She said miling and casually pointing to the belly.

"Last summer."


You mean like that???

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

ROFL. Yea, I mean EXACTLY like that! :)

happyandblue2 said...

I say stuff like that frequently but fortunately no one ever thinks I'm serious.

deni said...

I have "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" disease. I always say the wrong thing.

leyva1313 said...

one time my wife walked up to me with this guy and said, This Bob, and i said, "Hi has she gave you oral too?"

but in not such nice words,
guess i should not drink?!?


Elle said...

Hey Carol, I'm a little embarrased to ask, but since this is a post about embarassment, what does ROFL mean??

cesca said...

Rolling On Floor Laughing.

(or Rock On For Life! or Rotten Onions Fester Lingeringly. Take your pick).

Carol, this reminds me of when my friend Vixen was pregnant and I went with her to an ante-natal visit. Vixen has always been a petite thing, whereas I was in my chunkier stage, so when the doctor walks in he looks at both of us, then asks me how the pregnancy is going!!!

ROTFLMAO... not really.

Frally said...

I'm usually the person to have my sizeable foot in my sizeable mouth. I can't think of anything really embarrassing, but my worst thing to do is to say "how are you?" about 20 times to get a conversation going. People are like, "you already asked me that, idiot"

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Cesca is right, Elle. "Rolling on the floor laughing". Or, ROFLMAO is "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off".

Don't be embarrassed! There are a few things people use that I would like to ask but am always afraid to.

Denny Shane said...

HI Carol! Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. I've linked to you. Wow I see a lot of my friends here too! Hi all!

Adrienne said...

Yeah, I've put my foot in my mouth and now I try to filter everything in my head before I speak.

Elle said...

thank you for educating me

Elle said...

thank you for educating me