Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tamper Resistant.

I just opened a jug of water. Now, I feel I must put a disclaimer here. I don't buy water because I'm afraid of it. Or worried that it has impurities, lead or otherwise, or has been tampered with. I buy water for my Houston apartment (soon to not be my apartment anymore. YAY!) because the water in Houston tastes like crap. And I need to drink water. It is important. So, I buy the stuff. Simply as a taste luxury. In the little town that my husband is in, and that I soon will be in full time, I don't buy water. The stuff from the tap is fine. It tastes like water. Not like crap.

So, anyway, back to the reason for this post. The jug had that little plastic ring around it like the milk jugs do. (If you are from Canada, our milk does not come in bags, but jugs. Like this (Sorry, that's the best picture I could find). But you probably have the jugs there, too. I was just amazed by the bags last time I visited). I tore it off and then opened the cap. Under the cap was a plastic thingie that I then had to tear off.

I appreciate their concern for my safety, but I must say I think that is a bit overboard. After all, in the very same store is the produce section, where I can pick up an apple, no wrapper, no tamper resistant packaging, not even a dust cover, and eat it right there. It just doesn't make sense that you would need an armed guard and 4 pieces of identification to get into the water jug. I think the ring thing alone would make anyone wanting to tamper it to go over to the apples instead.

Question: Do you buy bottled water or use tap, and why?


Nyx said...

I understand about the water thing. I've known great tap water all my life and then 8 years ago we bought our first house and the tap water was probably what 'powdered water - just add water' would taste like, terrible (and awfully unpractical). So we brought in for 7 years and were criticised for being upmarket snobs but fine, they can come and drink my cloudy chlorine/plastic tasting water and then judge me. We moved last year and yay for good tap water again, yay for the finances too.

ps. those plastic tear off lids are not just tamper proof but adult proof also, I just get my trusty kitchen knife out straight away whenever I encounter them now.

joy said...

Bags of milk? Cool! I want to go to Canada! I drink water from the tap...but I filter it threw my water filter first. Oh, and that cap thing is a GREAT cat toy. It is the only toy my cat likes. She is NOT high maintence.

happyandblue2 said...

That picture is hilarious. Now all non Canadians will think we drink from plastic bottles with funnels attached.

I drink tap water. Our water is as good or better than the bottled stuff. I find the bottled water salty..

cesca said...

Another tap water drinker here. But they do say that our tap water is bottled for people in other places to drink, as it is so pure (and I have to say, some bottled water tastes crap to me after drinking our tap water!)

MilkMaid said...

We have our own well here and I LOVE the water from it. Ice cold even on the hottest of days and fresh, clean and clear.

Elle said...

Funny you should mention water. I usually don't have the television on during the day, except for the occassional kid show, it's annoying and makes me hostile. But I watched the news yesterday while making dinner, and I see this reporter standing in a location I recognize. The Hooters (figures a man would be standing there) in front of a mall about 30 minutes away. The reporter is talking about the "boil water" alert (didn't even know that existed!) that had been lifted in my county. Apparently, they found the dead body of the woman who tests the water at the bottom of the container-thingy. Yuck! I haven't boiled any water and we've been drinking it, and washing all day. So I call my husband, "OH MY GOD DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE WATER SUPPLY!!??"
He says, "Yea." I say, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?? I HAVEN'T BEEN BOILING IT!!" He said, "What are you talking about? We have well water!"
"oh." Clueless, but loving the well water.

The shocking part of the story is that I was cooking dinner.