Sunday, February 20, 2005

Deep Thoughts by Carol

My last day as a working woman was Friday. Thanks to all of you who said congratulations and wished me well already! It meant a lot. I have to admit, I am mourning the passing of this phase in my life just a bit. I spent 10 years doing what I was doing. I enjoyed the science, the travel (usually), the social aspects, the money, the independence. But, I am also pretty excited about this new phase in my life. The mommy/housewife phase. And although chances are good that I'll go back to work in a few years, it is also exciting to think that my options are open. I can go back to what I was doing, or if I chose to, I can go back to school to do something else. I feel very blessed that I have these options.

I've gotten some criticism for quitting. As I was a career woman, it would make sense that most of my friends were career women as well. I've heard things like "You are going to be bored", "You are leaving your job to live on a PREACHER'S salary? Are you crazy?", and "well, I guess it is your decision. I couldn't do it". The worst was from Bryan's grandmother. It wasn't WHAT she said, it was how she said it. She was just really condescending and rolled her eyes a lot. I'm tired of defending my decision. Working 50-70 hours a week and traveling is just not my idea of what I want to do with children. It's our decision.

So, Monday I'm going to do what a very wise woman told me to do. I'm going to SLEEP IN. Then, I'm going to organize cabinets, clean out sock drawers, do taxes, clean the garage, volunteer, pack and move, plan a graduation party, cook, and be pregnant until August. Then I'm going to sleep very little, breastfeed, and sing ABCs and lullabyes. And, ya know what? I CAN'T WAIT. I am SO excited I can hardly stand it. Welcome new life! I'm ready!

Question: Do you enjoy what you do for a living? If you could do anything you wanted in life, what would it be?


L said...

COngrats you lucky thing, you!

in answer to your question: I would be a Sloth.

Nyx said...

You are going to love it, hate it (when nobody is getting enough sleep or teeth are poking through), revere it, cry over it, the list goes on but mostly you will love it.

And you are so lucky to have a career path to return to when you feel ready. You've got it going on!

And you know, if you do get bored then do what I did and start taking the odd university papers, there are some amazing papers out there nowadays.

And finally, I would be a full-time artist and plan to do exactly that in my twilight yers.

Oh, and enjoy the sleep-ins, you deserve them.

Rhodent said...

Enjoy this new stage of your is the BEST!

Elle said...

Thanks for calling me wise and not old. Don't worry about what people say. Remember all the Stooopid things people said to me?

The most important "job" anyone can have is raising a child. Doesn't your child deserve the best person to care for him/her?? Of course! And that person is you (& hubby). I'm glad you are embracing your choice. It's fun to reinvent yourself every so often.
Hey, if Madonna & Cher can reinvent themselves every few years why can't we?

Frally said...

Hey, lucky you! You are not going to give a toss about quitting your job once the "real" one starts. I have a new theory on all the people who have negative comments - They are JEALOUS of your newfound relaxed lifestyle. I say tell 'em where to go.

cesca said...

Congratulations on leaving your job!! It is such a milestone - a start of a new phase.

LL said it well - being a stay at home mum provides the best of times, but it also provides the worst of times. Thankfully the best times greatly outweigh the bad days.

I LOVE being at home with the kids just now, but there have been days when I'd happily pack it all in and go back to work. But those feelings are shortlived.

My ideal job is to manage my own guest house for travelers - it would mean I could work from home so still see the kids, but also get plenty of human contact from the guests.

deni said...

I've been unemployed for a month and just now starting to get into the routine.

My ideal "job" would be to buy some land so I can raise and breed my dogs.

MilkMaid said...

Ah Carol...altho I wasn't pregnant when I quit my long time and pretty nice job, I still got all those comments you did. Just keep your eye on where YOU want to go and take all those comments with a grain of salt.

There will be tough days, just like there were tough days in your old job. But the good days will so far out weigh the bad ones, that I think you'll be just fine. I admire both you and your husband for making this decision and sacrafice financially. It will come back to you in spades I believe.

For me, yes, I love what I do now. My very tiny teeny part time work I set up when I left the office, has grown into a more than full time work at home job. I am very lucky. Very. It doesn't come without it's pitfalls, but I try to just keep it all in perspective, I mean, I could be sitting in traffic at 6am every morning instead of here with you guys, my hot tea, fluffy bunny slippers and Don Nelson. :)

Anonymous said...

Carol - your blog ALWAYS makes me smile! I enjoy so much your positive way of looking at things. I wish you the very best in this new phase of your life. I know it will be a very exciting and fulfilling time for you!

As to your question - I LOVE my job. Now I don't have a very glamourous or exciting job and I'm certainly not one of those out *climbing the career ladder* - not that I have anything against that - it's just not me. My priority has always been taking care of family and home. My job allows that and allows me what I need - getting out of the house, being around people, a feeling of independence and it's very nice to have the extra income. We'd go without alot of *extras* and things that we enjoy (such as travel) if I didn't work.

I work with a great bunch of people. I have been here for years - and many of the people I work with have too. We're more like an extended family than co-workers. I LOVE working with the graduate students - something I picked up a couple of years ago. I love meeting and getting to know the new students and watching them go through this time in their lives.

Best of all, my job is just that - a job. When I leave here - it stays here. It doesn't come home with me. The stress level here is remarkably low. I never, ever work overtime. In fact, I normally work flex hours. I have great vacation and sick time - not to mention paid days of closing (I work at a university) and I take full advantage of all that time off.

I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Getting to be out around people, bringing in some extra money and having a job that is flexible and does not interfere with my home life.


ps- you know - you have so many options open to you if and when you decide to go back to work. There are tons of flex hour jobs, part-time jobs, job-sharing these days!

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Thanks everyone!!!

I didn't sleep very late this morning...I was so excited about going to Target on a Monday I hopped out of bed! LOL. They have maternity clothes 20% off and I need some casual t-shirts.

SHHHHH! Don't tell me that I would have today off anyway, because it's Presidents Day. (I just realized that as I was watching the morning news program and they so rudely reminded me.)

Eyes said...

I love being home. Some people are just jealous and that is why they knock it. Let's face it, not every woman has the option today.

Be thankful :) (I think you are already)!

Karen said...

Carol - good for you. Do what is right for you and don't apologize for it. Whatever makes you happy. Nothing is more expensive than regret or more impoverishing (is that a word?) as unhappiness.

Be brave! :)