Sunday, February 06, 2005

Chocolate Cake Anonymous

My name is Carol and I have a chocolate cake problem (***pause for you to say "Hi Carol"***).

It started out innocently many years ago, when I was about six or seven. My parents got me an easy bake oven for Christmas. They would not have gotten it for me had they been able to see the future, I am sure. After all, how many cakes could I make when cooking with a lightbulb? Soon I was invited to birthday parties, where chocolate cake would be served. I would have just one slice like the other children. But I wanted more.

In high school there was an incident. It should have been a sign of things to come, but denial is a powerful thing. I went to a party and could not control myself. I had too much chocolate cake. By the middle of the evening the sugar rush had gone to my head. I danced on tables, put lamp shades on my head. I was the life of the party. But I had gone too far and the sugar rush soon made me crash. I had to call my parents to come and get me. I couldn't drive in that condition.

My parents thought it was the typical teenage chocolate cake addiction. They thought if they let me eat cake at home I wouldn't be tempted to do it with my friends and it would be safer. But by college I was turning down invitations to go out with friends so I could stay home and eat chocolate cake. And it got to the point that only the good stuff would do. No grocery store bakery cake would work anymore. I wanted the hard stuff....the chocolate cake mixes with pudding in the mix. I experimented with different frostings, I made black forest cake at night after my parents were asleep. I even made german chocolate one night.

I knew my problem had to be stopped this morning, though. I got up and, even though I am 12 weeks pregnant, I had chocolate cake for breakfast. With a glass of milk. Which is why I'm here, at chocolate cake anonymous. After all, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Question: What did you have for breakfast?


Elle said...

I'm sorry, I'm a little numb from Prairie. Is it wrong to have chocolate cake and milk for breakfast? If you had your cake with say ......a glass of vodka, well then you'd have a problem. Vodka goes best with bannana cream pie.

Disclaimer: Growing babies love chocolate cake, it makes their mommies happy and that makes them happy. Never vodka.
You are most welcome to come to the next Broadway Show!

happyandblue2 said...

I am also addicted to chocolate but my addiction doesn't end with cake. Anything with chocolate is acceptable.
I ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast yesterday. Today I had toast and honey. The cookies were all gone.
We should start a group like AA but instead of bumper stickers with "Easy Does It" ours would say "Easy Bake Does It".

joy said...

Eggs are in Chocolate cake. Can't be any worse than a donut.

chosendaughter said...

Oh Carol! I too love chocolate cake, I stay away from it though, give me one cake and it's gone in one day. If I could hide it in my pocket I would, but no, I sit down with a good cup of strong coffee w/cream and sugar and just eat! One slice at a time, one after the other...

I had Dim Sum with my business partner yesterday, we went to the local Italian Bakery and he bought me 4 count'em 4 cream filled horns. Two had chocolate and two didn't. I ate two of them for breakfast. I did share them with the dog though, I felt so guilty.

One day at a time...

You should eat whatever you want dear, your baby will be happier for it if you are. I don't know about chocolate when you're nursing though - could be ickky!

angela marie said...

Eat it now! 'Cause later, in the hospital they won't let you have any...or they will make you feel VERY guilty. I had chocolate milk every day of my last 2 pregnancies and I loved it. After I delivered, I ordered it on my hospital menu and I was shamed by the nurses...because the caffeine in the chocolate milk.

Yeah? Well screw you guys, I'm only here for two days and then at home it's CHOCOLATE MILK ALL THE TIME!

Oh. Sorry. Got carried away.