Thursday, February 10, 2005

My brain is dead.

Do you ever just run into a blogging fog? I'm in such a blicky mood, dispite the fact that the SUN is actually out today (woo hoo!). Nothing is new here. I have had no "ahh, ha!" moments in the last day or two. I've pondered nothing.

Well, that last statement is not true. I'm in a blicky mood because two people very dear to me are thinking of calling their marriage quits. I hurt for them. I can't imagine how difficult their pain is. I ponder how things get that bad, and I pray I never know.

Sorry for the downer post.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Carol. That is a very sad thing.

I really enjoy READING blogs - but cannot imagine writing one. I'm not very *witty*, and although I'm living the life I love, I imagine it would sound pretty boring to most. LOL Not to mention that I don't write very well!

Keep up the good work - I enjoy your blog.


Elle said...

Oh, it sounds like baby is growing and draining mommy's battery! Just wait. First the baby, then the placenta, then the grey matter (the brain-I don't want you to use to much energy figuring out what the heck "grey matter" is!) Wait until you can't remember what you did 5 minutes ago and you start repeating yourself. Wait until you can't remember what you did 5 minutes ago and you start repeatin yourself.

I'm sorry about your friends. We had 2 sets of couple-friends divorce. It shook us up a bit, I mean if it could happen to them, why not us? But you know why, and it actually solidfies your relationship.

By the way, I think you are going to be a terrific mom.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Thanks, Elle! :) You make me smile.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Oh, TINA! Thanks to you, too. And you make me smile, too! I didn't mean to not respond to you.

I bet you would do a good job with a blog. Your responses are great!