Monday, February 07, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

My husband talks in his sleep. Generally he doesn't give me any good information, per se. He doesn't reveal some swiss bank account he has been hiding from me or anything like that. But he DOES give me some good ammo for blackmail. And it's a great topic of conversation at parties.

For example, probably my favorite story about my husband talking in his sleep to share at parties (He's going to LOVE me when he reads this blog entry) is this one. We were married about a year. It was late 1993 or early 1994. In the wee hours of the morning, he taps me on the shoulder and shakes me gently to wake me up.
My irritated response is "What."
He calmly, yet matter of factly says "Call Ghost Busters".
Now, keep in mind, that movie was popular in the 80's. Well before 1993. So, I think I couldn't possibly have heard him right. After all, where could he come up with THAT?
I respond "What??"
He, again calmly and matter of factly, like he was telling me to call our insurance agent or something "Call Ghost Busters".
Now, I'm wide awake and trying desperately not to burst out laughing. I respond, half laughing "WHAT??".
He starts to get some sort of wits about him, and responds "Oh, never mind".
He then rolls over and goes back to sleep. However, I am now wide awake and shaking the bed I'm lauging so hard. He didn't remember a thing the next morning.

Last night at about 1am he did it again. No, not Ghost Busters, but he jumps up, startled, wakes me up and asks if I put something in his hair. Oh, yea, the light has been off for an hour and a half, I've been asleep, but for some reason I decided to get up, find something, and put it in his hair.
I responded "No"
He said "I felt something in my hair".
I asked if he was dreaming. He said "Maybe" and fell back to sleep. At that point he started snoring and I coudln't get back to sleep, so I did consider putting something in his hair as payback.

When I was little I would walk in my sleep. I was about four years old and saw the episode of the Waltons where they had the fire. It scared the begeebers out of me. My parents caught me trying to climb out of my second story window while sleepwalking in the middle of the night. Thank God they had a screen on it, and thank God four year olds don't know how to remove screens or I probalby would have been a goner. My parents had to bolt my window.

Question: Have you ever talked or done anything else embarrassing or noteworthy in your sleep?

Thanks to Angie for telling me about the baby ticker I put above!


happyandblue2 said...

My ex said I talked in my sleep. I think it was because it was the only time I could get a word in.
Apparently I also snore and stop breathing occasionally although since she left I haven't felt that there is a pillow over my face when I fall asleep.

Elle said...

"Who ya gonna call?" Hahahahahahah!!!! That's too funny!
Once, before kids, we had friends spend the night. We all went to a party, and came home late. The next morning I was making coffee and pancakes waiting for everyone to wake up, and my friend came down and tentatively sat at the kitchen table. She asked me if everything was alright between my husband and I. I was shocked, I had no idea what she was talking about. She said that I had come into their room in the middle of the night and said I wanted to sleep in their bed. I had NO RECOLLECTION of the event. I had to go into their room to see if any spark of memory would surface. She said she helped me back to my room and I just went to sleep. I still wonder if she was just joking, but she swears she wasn't. I never sleptwalked before or since. I was kinda freaked.

Okay, one more. In college, I heard my friend rustling around in the wardrobe closet in the middle of the night. I asked what she was doing. She said she was cold. I put the light on, and saw she was trying to climb into a suitbag. I think she thought it was a sleeping bag! We still laugh hysterically about it.

Thanks for the chuckles.

joy said...

hehe..that is just too funny. Me sleepwalk?...ut..yeah..I walked out the back door before when I was little. I vagily remember our mother saying..what are you doing? And I said, "going to play in the club house" She convinced me to go back to bed. Wierd. I wonder if I still talk in my sleep like I did.

angela marie said...

I sure am glad you never fell out of that window. That would have totally sucked.

Lil' Raspberry has no chance of not being a sleepwalker/talker with these best put a lock on the nursery door!

As for the question. I have never embarrassed myself, either awake or sleeping. True.

cesca said...


cesca said...

My husband talks in his sleep also, except he is more of a "sleep fighter". It's weird - he yells, kicks and swears... hmmm!! He never remembers a thing the next morning!