Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogging...the good, the bad, the ugly.

I had someone visit my blog, which always makes me happy. However, this person wasn't very nice. I think he got up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe someone peed in his cornflakes that morning. Or, perhaps his tea, as I was looking at his profile and he is British. And 21.

I don't know why I'm letting his comment bother me. Or I even gave it another thought. And I wish I didn't erase it, but I did. He made a comment that went something like "who cares all about this stuff, you need to worry about your president and world peace" or something.

The thing that irritates me is he just doesn't get it. He just doesn't realize that if you focus on the bad things all the time you become this grumpy thing that he has become. It's not that I don't think of those things. I think after 9/11 I decided if I obsess about these things I will die young. You know, the 'ol serenity prayer "God, grant me the serenity to recognize the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". I had nightmares after 9/11. I know a lot of people did. The last election had me in a tizzy, too. It was ugly.

I watch the news. It upsets me. It frusterates me. It makes me want to punch the TV most days.

Then, there is blogging. What Mr. kid British guy doesn't realize is I blog for FUN. I blog to vent. I blog to relax. I don't blog so the world will hear MY opinion of politics. I realize no one CARES my opinion. No one will change their mind because of my opinion. Now, if only the celebrities in Hollywood would get to the same conclusion.

This brings me to the poll question of the day... Why do you blog?


Happy and Blue said...

I blog for fun. I've probably got bad comments on my posts but I just figure that if someone doesn't like the post that's their problem. And the nice comments always brighten my day.
If someone leaves a sarcastic comment maybe it's because they are going through something in their life that is causing it.

Just remember,I like your posts and so do a lot of others.

laura said...

I blog for my own sanity. If people don't like me... too friggin' bad.

I mean, it's an absolute waste of time to surf around, disdaining other people's blogs. Personally, I feel my day flies by as it is... I'm not going to waste my time reading something I don't like, let alone waste two minutes to tell somebody I think they suck. God.

And this asshole is telling you that YOU need to find a more constructive thing to do with your time, like monitor our president? What the hell?

He's the one with too much time on his hands. The fucker.


And the teenybopper across the puddle can kiss my slimmed-down-by-stress ass.

k said...

I struggle with erasing people's comments, too. I want to know what people think, but only the nice stuff, of course. And then I feel like I have no backbone when the bad comments bother me and I erase them.

I have no advice. Just thought I would commiserate.

And congrats on your baby-on-the-way.

chosendaughter said...

Carol, you said in an earlier post that you were thinking about how other people live, what they thought and where you were in the scheme of things. Normalville.

You started your daily poll, and his comment was his answer. Don't take it personally, he doesn't know you and you shouldn't let him have this power over you. Just by erasing his comment, you've let him know that he "got to you". You gave him what he wanted.

Keep those comments, let the rest of us see what a jerk he is, I think you would have been pleased to see the comments his comments received. Normalville supports you.

Hope the Sweeny Todd chokes on his bangers and mash!!!!

MilkMaid said...

LOL, he says who cares, but yet HE sure took the time to read it, eh?

I feel your pain Carol, I've had a few nasty barbs sent over the net to me as well as some really really nasty personal attacks thru email. Not on my blog..yet, but on message boards and such. And I always own them even though I KNOW I shouldn't. I do this in real life too, thin skin.

With my blog, which I totally do for fun and entertainment as well as kinda keeping in touch with some of my friends (net and real) and family, I've worried some about who to invite, where to link and not to link etc and have wondered who you guys invite to your logs, family and friends, all or none, or just chosen ones??

And just how much do you disclose. I've been badly bitten by disclosing too much personal information, so I've held back a lot more on this blog than I have before. I think this is a protective mode that is a result of mean people.

Mean people just f*cking suck, no matter what side of the pond they live on. And the next time the Brits need some help restoring their bombed out country, mebbe they should think twice about what country came to their side in a bigger way than any other country. plebt!

(LOL can ya tell I just watched something on discovery, I didn't really pay that close attention in history in school.)

One final thing, BLOG ON, cuz I agree with Deb, I wanna hear all about this pregnancy. I love your blog and views.

...and next time leave that stuff, I know I can't speak for myself, but ol Deb can flame with the best of them ;), we'd have fun. LOL!