Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm feeling BAD.

I started this "Poll of the day" stuff on Friday. I discovered Happy and Blue's site on Saturday. And, guess what? He has a poll of the day. He doesn't call it that, but he asks random questions based on past experiences or miscellaneous ponderings like I do. He has been doing it much longer than me. He is much better at it, too, I have to say.

So, Happy and Blue, I promise I didn't steal your idea. With your permission, I'm going to keep the "Poll of the day" because I like it. Unless, of course, you have your lawyer send a cease and desist letter. Or you ask me nicely to stop. Either way.

Go check out his site. It is hilarious. Full of adventure and mischeif. And mindboggling. All at the same time. Siskel and Ebert give it two thumbs up!


Clark said...

If you decide to come up with a poll, I will pre-emptively answer it: I'm for it. For what you might ask? I don't know, make a poll!

Happy and Blue said...

Thanks for the plug.
I stole the poll idea from someone else, hee,hee.
I love your polls and your site.

cesca said...

Well, I found your site thru Happy and Blue's links, and I like it! I like your polls also.

By the way... Congrats on the pregnancy!