Saturday, January 22, 2005

Poll of the Day...Saturday.

I know I'm not the only one that does this. I've asked a couple of my friends this question several years ago. One fessed up and the other said she didn't. So, now I need to know from a wider audience.

This is for the women. Well, men, if you qualify I guess you can answer, too.

Poll Question: Do you wear your bras more than one day before washing?

The way I figure it, they may be undergarments but it's n0t like UNDERWEAR, where you actually secrete body fluids. If I didn't sweat that day they are good for another go. And they are so sensitive to the wash, if you washed it after every wear then you'd be buying bras left and right. And those little (or big, depending on the person) elastic buggars are expensive!

I will say it took my husband a good 5 years of marriage to figure out I did this. And when he DID realize it he was very grossed out. I think he has now blocked it out of his mind.


laura said...

I re-wear the bras once or twice unless I get sweaty, for the reasons you cite. I don't "hand wash" my lingerie like it says you should. I do drip dry the bras though - the quickest way to kill a bra is to toss it in the dryer by accident and you're right - too expensive to wear out with mulitple washings!

Sports bras - they always get washed after a wearing... you know... sweat.

Nikki said...

I have to confess, I am one of those that wears my bra more than one day in a row. But if I have been sweating, then yes, I will find another bra to wear. I don't think my husband has ever paid much attention to that fact lol...

Happy and Blue said...

This is a facinating question. I don't wear a bra but I do turn my socks inside out to get extra use out of them,hee,hee.
I don't think any man would notice. I know I never have.