Saturday, January 01, 2005

What's in a name?

It's going to take all freakin' nine months for us to think of a name for this kid. Anything I like Bryan doesn't like, and vice versa.

So far we've come up with

1. Rachel
2. Laura
3. Angela

1. Brayton
2. Jacob

Although something may sound good one minute and get scratched off the list the next. I think we're going to just wait until we know the sex to make it a little easier. Lord knows we have time. We're only 6 1/2 weeks into this 40 week adventure.

Or, we could just stick with "raspberry".


angela marie said...

I've been waiting for you to post, and then LOOK! I know 'a little' about pregnancy **smirk**, but nothing about personal infertility. All I can tell you is that everything you've expressed in these 4 or so posts is something I've felt. I think it has more to do with carrying life inside you than it does with how hard it was to get it there.

I can tell you over and over how you can't make a bad thing happen because you are so excited over this pregnancy, or how by loving this 'raspberry' already is just setting yourself up for pain, you already know that.

Vent and worry a mom, it will never end anyway. Just know that in between the worry is some wonderful stuff!

angela marie said...

Oh. And 'Angela' is a good name! ;)

laura said...

Son #2 was nearly a Jacob.