Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Living Spaces....Poll of the day...Wednesday

My weekday living quarters is an apartment. I am on the bottom floor of a three story apartment complex. It isn't the MOST expensive apartment you could find in Houston, but it isn't a hole either. It's respectable, clean, has nice facilities, and I don't think anyone has been murdered here.

My upstairs neighbors, however, never sleep. I'm sure of it. I hear them at 6am, 3 in the afternoon, and WAY more often than I'd like to at 2 or 3 in the wee hours of the morning. I think they have a love-hate relationship. I hear them fighting. A LOT. But I also hear a squeaky-squeaky noise that makes me think they are getting along quite well, and gives me nightmares all at the same time.

Many nights, however, I can only speculate what they are doing, the noises are too weird.

Here are my neighbor's top ten things they seem to like to do from the noises I hear at 2am.

10. Play Twister with small elephants
9. Invite the entire Boston Marathon participats to practice running in their megar 800 square feet.
8. Have a seance to extract the evil spirits out of their spaghetti-o's.
7. Cook vegetables in the shower
6. Do the entire Richard Simmons workout tape from start to finish. With roller skates on.
5. Try their hand at bowling using a frozen cornish game hen and 10 glass beer bottles.
4. Have a Jewish wedding ceremony.
3. Watch Titanic over and over until they sob uncontrollably.
2. Practice to play opposite Paris Hilton in the next controversial Paris Hilton video.
The number one thing?
Screaming at the top of their lungs

I think I'm just reliving my college years. When I was in college I lived in some pretty crappy places because they were cheap. I've stayed in a few hotels that were not so nice because my company's travel department didn't know what they were doing, too.

Now, the poll question: What is the worst place you have ever had to live or stay?


Melissa said...

I stayed all alone at the Westward Ho in Las Vegas. I was at ground level and so my door opened straight outside. It was VERY dark and scary walking to my room at night.

When I got back home, I heard stories of a couple who stayed at the Westward Ho and there was a nest of mice living in the boxspring.......I would have LOST it!

Happy and Blue said...

The worst was in a youth hostel in Vancouver. Everyone carried switchblade knives and kept talking about the places they had robbed and the people they had stabbed.
Freaky for a prairie lad like myself.

MilkMaid said...

Last year, we were in Galveston for the first annual motorcycle rally they have down there. A BLAST...

Carol...I bet you know where I am talking about, the horse shoe shaped big OLD hotel? Has a big round glass bar on the second floor right? Right on the seawall. I think it's called the Seahorse in or something like that.

Well anyway, there was a really good band playing in that bar. And we stayed and...well, we partied pretty darn hard. So, I went down at 2am when the bar thru us all out and they had rooms, YIPEE and thank GOD. I got one, and three of our other pals also got one.

Off to the room.

I have never in my life seen such a horrible hotel room. I slept on top of the blanket, in my clothes, in my boots and in my jacket. I didn't want any part of me touching any part of that room.

I didn't even pee there, I made MilkMan get his butt out of the bed PRONTO and get me to Denny's so I could pee.

Whewwww...that was one hell of a ride home Sunday morning, sleeping like that for a few hours on top of a hangover. Rest assured, that Monday, we started acting our age again...till the next party.. ;-)

Best place has to be the bed and breakfasts we've stayed in out in Fredricksburg, I love that town and area....

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

I DO! I do know what hotel you are talking about Milkmaid! And my guess is if you were THAT drunk and you still could tell the place was skanky, it must be REALLY bad! Gavlveston is a fun place, but you definitely have to be careful where you stay. I've stayed in a couple of places down there that I was worried the roaches would carry me off and use me as a sacrifice.

I love Fredericksburg! I was just there between Christmas and New Years. We stayed in Wimberly, which is a REALLY COOL town about an hour from there and took a day to go to Fredericksburg. I love the hill country.

joy said...

The only time I can think of that I was miserable living was with my ex-husband. :)

blue2go said...

Worst place, a motel in Jacksonville, Florida. I was still married, we arrived late, were too tired to look around much and just went to bed. A cockroach crawled across my husband's face while we were sleeping. We were out of there and on the road in 5-minutes.

laura said...

A duplex in Trenton New Jersey where I shared a wall with a wife-beating cop who used to park in front of our driveway so I'd either be blocked in or forced to park in the street so I could make it to work.

I had three roomates - two of them were a "couple." An Irish white guy and his bossy Asian girlfriend. The other one was an indian who I will refer to has Haji.

The bossy asian girl and the irish guy used to have loud sex. A lot. Even during her period. Which was funny because once Haji and I were watching tv downstairs and the other two start going at it. I rolled my eyes and he was like "what are they doing up there." I said "They're screwing like bunnies!" and he looked horrified and asked how that was possible because she had her period (we always knew when she had her period because she'd leave blobs all over the seat). Sooooooo NOT KIDDING about that.

I said "while messy, menstruation does not preclude them from screwing" and Haji looked even more horrified and said WON'T THAT HURT IRISH BOY???

Apparently back in India Haji's mother told Haji to refrain from having intercourse with menstruating women because the blood had sharp stuff in it and would slice up his penis. Sooooooooooooo NOT KIDDING about that either.

That was a really messed up six months.