Friday, January 21, 2005

Poll of the day.

OK, first, I must explain this poll thing. I have an unhealthy obsession with what everyone else does. Or, should I say, what the majority does. I'm curious. I'm wondering where I fit. So, I am going to start asking questions. Things I often ponder while driving in the car or taking a shower.

This first one I was wondering as I was looking in my refrigerator. I was thirsty, and being I just went to the store, I had several options. (which actually is unusual, because I absolutely hate going to the grocery store so I wait until I'm out of every blessed thing and have to clean my underwear with bar soap because I'm out of laundry detergent to go).

My opitons were: Coke, Milk, 7-up, water (with lemon), and Cran-apple juice.

Knowing full well that I should chose the milk for health purposes, or even the water, I decided on the Coke. Every time I do this I hear my parents-in-law in the back of my head. They think anyone who would drink something other than milk at mealtime are not only the products of bad parenting, but possibly the spawn of Satan himself. So much so that even though my husband usually choses a diet beverage at dinner time, if his parents are within 10 square miles of our house he drinks milk. We've never talked about it, but I know it is because he doesn't want to hear it from his mom. I don't blame him. Oh, and if you have a soda for breakfast in their presence (even though they drink coffee like it is going out of style) then, move over, you may not be invited back into their social circle. And you will certainly be talked about.

I do agree that milk is better than soda. I'm sure I'll have my kids drink milk or water.

Anyway, my hubby and I have a regular discussion of what most American's drink at dinner time. My theory is most drink a carbonated beverage. If you go out to eat milk is certainly not a common thing to order. If most people drank it, it would be. I think more people probably drink wine or beer at dinner than milk. He says I'm wrong. He says people drink milk the most.

So, now is the question: What do you drink at dinnertime? What do you make your kids drink?


MilkMaid said...

Oh my FREAKING God!!

Milk, it does a body good!

Milk, it's not just for breakfast!

Milk moustache??? pays our bills. seriously, we drink WAY too many cokes around here. Even The Kid.

And..for the record, I HATE milk, I don't care who disowns me, talks about me or sends me from their social cirle. So does Little Kid. Drives MilkMan RIGHT up the wall.

laura said...

Aw cripes. My parents in law are the same way about milk with dinner. The first time I met them, I greatly offended them with a request for a diet Coke with dinner.

In fact when they were up after Christmas, they had milk with dinner and I could see them bristling at our wine. You know, the normal-sized, roughly 12 bucks a bottle wine we SIP with the meal. As opposed to the gallon of swill loosely labeled "chardonnay" with the screw top that she INHALES in six sittings AFTER DINNER till she passes out.

These are people who have the right to comment on what I drink with my dinner?


laura said...

Oh yeah. The question. We have soda and the kids have milk.

Karen said...

Just a random blogger, browsing sites.

I am happy to hear your good news! Congratulations on growing the congregation from within (has anyone said anything that cheesy to you yet? Allow me to be the first. :)

So, I drink milk or water with dinner. I am trying to drink more milk to add protein and calcium to my diet, but my drink of choice is water. Developed that habit when waiting tables and sweating buckets.

Oh, and tell your in-laws I drink Diet Pepsi for breakfast any working day. It's got less caffeine than a cup of coffee. And unless coffee is black, drinking it is an excellent way to add a lot of cream and sugar to your diet.

Happy and Blue said...

I drink water or diet coke with my meals. Any other time it's coffee, with milk in it.
I always use my finest plastic cup for my meals. It's just so classy...

Melissa said...

I normally have milk at home and water if I'm out of milk. I only drink soda with my meals when I'm at a restaurant.