Thursday, January 13, 2005

To the "lady" whom I would love to say this to...

Why do you enjoy being destructive? I just don't get how someone can actually ENJOY being miserable, back stabbing, and destructive. What do you get out of it? It HAS to be something, otherwise you wouldn't do it.

Why do you do and say things behind someone's back that are mean and then to their face act caring and sweet? Yes, this passive-aggressive behavior does take us longer to realize how you are, but when we do (and we ALWAYS do) it makes you that much worse.

How can you do this and call yourself a "Christian"? I realize I'm committing a sin just by saying this. By judging you. And it makes me even more mad that you are making me a horrible Christian, too, because of the things I am thinking about you and feelings I have toward you. Yea, you are truly a test. And I'm having difficulty not failing this one.

Perhaps you should examine why you take this destructive approach toward things, instead of the adult, mature, constructive approach when you think things need to be fixed. Oh, wait. I guess I know why you don't do that. Because no one else in the world thinks your things that need to be "fixed" really need to be fixed. YOU are the only one making them a problem. If you are the only one in a croud of 150 people that think this, perhaps you should admit you are wrong, then. If you would like a REAL problem, beleive me, the world has plenty of them. Why don't you pick one of those?

If you want to live in misery, then please, please, do not make the world live that way, too. One bad apple really does spoil the whole bushel.

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