Wednesday, January 19, 2005


My dad went to Mexico to get his teeth cleaned. He is retired. My folks are on a limited income. They don't have dental insurance. So, they went. It cost him $10, American. He said he felt like it was sterile enough, and that it was a pleasant experience. Me...I'm glad I have dental insurance. Even though my copay is more than what he paid for the whole shebang. Whatever.

Anyway, today I had my DOG'S teeth cleaned. First, I have to say, I didn't ask how much it would cost. I had it done a few years ago by a different vet and it wasn't that bad. So, I didn't ask. But, holy crap, let me tell you. Well, I'm just too embarrassed to even TELL you how much it was.

I love my dog dearly. She's been mine for 12 years. And I think a lot of people would say I go beyond most when it comes to her comfort and care. But, holy CRAP. I think a cleaning for ME here in the US would have been less expensive. Now, they did do a lot of precationary stuff that they didn't do last time because she is in the beginning stages of renal failure. They gave her extra IV's, did extra blood work, and a lot of other things I have to squint at to pronounce. But, if it was going to be THAT MUCH more, you would think they would at least MENTION it.

And now she's mad at me...again. lol.

I wonder if they have doggy dentists in Mexico?


angela marie said...

Well, so much for your baby's college education. Spent on doggy dentist.

laura said...

At one point we had three cats (we lost Reggie last spring), so I know all about vet bills.

Naomi: Tortie Calico Female Prone to eating curling ribbon

Before kids: Cat would eat the ribbon and start puking - we'd run to the vet for exrays, hospital stays until she passed the clump. Cost: $500

After kids: Wait until the edge of the ribbon emerges from her butt and PULL. Cost: Free

Reggie: Maine Coon born with congenital kidney defect

Pre-kids: needs k/d special diet food, steriods to prevent muscle wasting, and dental cleaning. Annual cost: $1,200

After kids: Only the special food, down to about $300 a year, and we mourned the loss of the comedy routine without the steroids - we took him off and he stopped dry humping the other cats.