Monday, January 31, 2005

Never turn down a mint.

I went to a shindig tonight with my hubby. It was a dinner at his college. Mostly to rub elbows with those who he needed to rub elbows with.

There was a gentleman sweet. Nicest guy you could meet. He came up to my husband and me and chatted. The thing is, the guy is a close talker. You know. We ALL know one. We started the conversation 10 feet from a table and he kept creeping so close I could see the vein in his neck beat. I mean, he was so close his shoulder was touching mine. So, I would scoot back a little. And he would scoot forward a little. Finally, next thing I knew I was stuck up next to the table with no where to go. I decided to bite the bullet and let him talk an inch from my face. After all, my back was starting to hurt from bending backwards over the table and it wasn't helping. He was bending OVER me over the table.

And then I don't think I really heard a thing he said because all I could think was I hope my breath was OK and I was trying to remember if I put on the appropriate amount of deodorant.

In the car on the way home I said to my hubby "so and so is sure a nice guy. He's a close talker, though". Bryan said that he noticed and it was pretty obvious I was uncomfortable. He noticed my scooting back. I'm hoping he just noticed because he knows me so well. After all, if the guy noticed certainly he would have stopped. Right?

Question for the day....What characteristic of people have you noticed that makes you uncomfortable?


cesca said...

I know I can't stand it if you're talking to someone and they're looking over your shoulder or around the room, looking for someone "more interesting"... aarrghhhh! So rude!

But on the other hand, I do get a little freaked out by people who pay SO much attention to you that they don't even blink.

Elle said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Staying home is the greatest, not easy, but greatest. But don't tell anyone!! You just have to adjust your life to suit you, not give it up.

I used to work with a woman who used to mouth the words of what I was saying to her silently, as I was saying them. I don't even think she noticed, but it used to piss me off. I found it very distracting, and I would often try to trick her. Ya know like say one thing, then quickly change the subject to see if she could catch up. That was enough reason to quit.

I had "morning sickness" for the first trimester. Lost 20 pounds. I also have a friend who had breast cancer. She is a survivor and has been for a long time.