Monday, January 17, 2005

Reality Bites

I finally did it. I faced the reality that I'm not going to be skinny again for at least a year. I've leafed through clothes in my closet for about two years, not willing to get rid of them or put them away because I anticipated losing weight. Now that I'm prego I could finally admit to myself that I won't lose those 20 pounds anytime in the near future. So, I went through my drawers and closets, and made two piles: "Skinny" and "Medium". It is funny how the difference to me between "skinny" and "Fat" are only about 20 pounds. And a lot of my fat clothes I can wear when I'm "skinny" or "medium". And my medium clothes I can wear when I'm "skinny". But I absolutely cannot wear the skinny clothes at medium, or the medium at fat, even though the difference between the two stages is 10 pounds. It's probably a psychological thing. For instance, I have an issue wearing sleeveless things when I feel fat. I feel like my arm fat is flapping around. The thought grosses me out.

So, I figured instead of torturing myself every time I look in the closet or dresser, I would put them away in a nice plastic bin (or donate some of them) until I can face them again. Then it will be like getting new clothes!

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Nikki said...

Hi! I'm glad I've found someone on here who has somethings in common with me. I'm pregnant and due on June 9th.
Best wishes for you and the little one.

God bless!