Friday, January 21, 2005

They were THERE!

The arms and legs were there! Yes, we had our third sonogram this morning and everything is NORMAL (something about me is normal?) and moving along nicely. All four arms and legs were in their prospective places and wiggling, the heartbeat was 168 bpm (nicely in the 120-180 "normal" range), the cyst on my ovary went away, the ovaries are where they need to be so that the placenta is doing its hormone job now. And the BEST part of it all, the doctor said the risk of miscarriage goes down to 1% now. Woo Hoo! We got another picture and a video tape. I'll have to find someone with a scanner to post the picture.

Who would have thought you could be this constipated and this happy all at the same time?

I now switch from the "infertility/high risk specialist" to an average, every day Obstetrician. As much as I don't want to switch doctors, hey, it's a milestone.


laura said...

EXCELLENT MILESTONE Carol! Congratulations!

MilkMaid said...


Most excellent news!

Now, go get some celery. :)

Adrienne said...

WOOHOO! I'm so happy for you Carol! I can't wait for you to e-mail the pics to us!

geek.jedi said...

All FOUR arms and legs? Raspberry has FOUR arms and FOUR legs? That'll be one talented kid!