Sunday, January 30, 2005

My previous post...

Wow. I didn't even have to put on my bunny slippers to feel all warm and fuzzy today after reading your comments!! :) It restored my thoughts of humanity...that the people who would like to spread joy out number the grumpy poopy heads 20 to 1.

I do seriously appreciate all of the sentiments. And don't worry, I wasn't losing sleep or anything over Little British Kid Poopy Head's comments. But I did give it a thought and that in itself perpelxed me. It did make me ponder why I blog. Hence the poll question.

So, I wanted everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis or even just pops in on an occassion to know that I appreciate it. It means something to me that you take the time to read, and even more that you comment. It brightens my day. And I appreciate your opening your lives just a little and letting me read your blogs, too!

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