Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Poll of the day.....(I hope no one at my company knows about this site...)

I am quitting my job on Tuesday. I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice. I'm DOING IT.

Once I do it, will someone please make sure my pulse is still running? I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't have a heart attack or stroke right there. Or both. The only way I'm getting through today is that I know I have a week to change my mind.

I was going to quit to be a stay-at-home mom, anyway. Actually, I was going to quit a few months before that. But, being 4 hours away from my husband sucks. So, we decided eating raumen noodles and sharing a vehicle (as they say in Texas, veHICle) would be worth it so we can be together (ok, everyone together, say "Awwwww, how sweet"). Babies can grow in the womb when the mother's diet is limited to raumen noodles, can't they? Maybe I can chew on some clovers in the back yard for fiber. And we have a pecan tree. I can fight the squirrels for pecans. They have protein. And calcium, believe it or not. I looked it up. Not the squirrels, silly. The pecans.

Poll of the day: What is the WORST job you ever had?
And (this is a two parter): What is the BEST job you ever had?

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Happy and Blue said...

Worst job. Working for a seed company. The guy I was replacing had lung disease from the dust in the place.
I didn't stay long once I found out.

Best job. Managing the Logistics function for a large regional hospital. It was a constant rush.